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To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

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Some People to Thank for keeping Bwamu going for 2012!!! THANK YOU!!!!

This year was supposed to be the first year that I would find enough funds to pay for the site myself. As some of you know, I quit my job b…

Started by V...Catchy Cool UsernameLatest Reply

Support Your Site...Contribute with a Donation NO - IT'S NOT MANDATORY!!!

Donation-Support Your Site Dear Member of We are going to be asking for donations and support to keep the site up until th…

Started by V...Catchy Cool UsernameLatest Reply

To Be Transparent. Why Some Left, Some Stayed, Questioning BWAMU Creator.

Before I go through this once more, a lot of you don't know me and the site.  We are two separate beings.  But if you want to get to know m…

Started by V...Catchy Cool UsernameLatest Reply

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For Deep Thinkers!

Started by Sheryl Martin aka Cherokee Red

10 Aug 19
Reply by Sheryl Martin aka Cherokee Red

The Single Life. What do u do to keep up with this lifestyle?

I am hoping we can learn and benefit from one another. Of course anyone is welcome to comment that might help these crazy and lonely people…

Started by Moninn Yem

28 Oct 12, 2017
Reply by Nocturnal Pinoy


No means no man, if you're willing to fly to Jamaica which I assume is about a 600-700$ ticket you might as well buy your creepy ass self a…

Started by Kitsunebackfire

13 Dec 14, 2016
Reply by Dat Asstaroth

Getting a Guy's Attention on Campus

So, as you know, there aren't many guys in my area. Now my problem is just probably me since where I live. (Even white and black couples st…

Started by MissCelloSonata

26 Sep 25, 2016
Reply by Ted

No Room For Newbies

I've been here for less than a month, and have tried my best to reach out and talk to people. But it seems as if I've hit a couple of road…

Started by Jelly

21 Aug 16, 2016
Reply by Kouhai

What do you do when your stressed out?

Dont you hate it when life hands you lemon's?   Dont you hate it when life takes those lemon's and squeezes them in your eye's?   It seems…

Started by emme lou

25 Aug 10, 2016
Reply by Kouhai

Locs/ Dreadheads/ Dread Locs

I've attempted several times to lock up my hair but always end up not committing because I get ocd over the parts being even. Provide some…

Started by LuweeZAY_OnDeck

12 Aug 28, 2015
Reply by Ouell

Who Do You Think Is A Catfish On the Site? Who Do you Think is An Annoying Troll?

Link them on the thread and say why.  (Copy and Paste their Profile Page hyperlink) I just had to tell someone today..."If they can't Vid…

Started by V...Catchy Cool Username

99 Aug 7, 2015
Reply by Q

Keeping sex talk out...

Ok I would like to know if its just me or not.. I don't appreciate it when we first talk/text and it turns to sex talk. To me its disrespec…

Started by Colisha Devore

15 Apr 19, 2015
Reply by De Naja' H.

Is it Me...?

Is It me or is thee not enough guys on this site?  Maybe I'm not browsing enough.....thee are mad girls here...where are all the cute asian…

Started by Eghe

17 Apr 3, 2015
Reply by daniele


Our Mission (Tenative)

***To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

***To be tolerant of all views of all members on this site.m (Suffering and disagreements are part of life people.)

***Respect all religious, spiritual, and agnostic views of it's members.

***To be more accepting than exclusive, yet hold the right to remove those that harm others.

*Freedom of speech, thought, and heart are placed if they are based on the foundation of truth and don't injure others (in the defined form of physical, proprietorial, or financial harm). Debate, heated or otherwise are allowed, for it is the persons involved that must deal with the emotional or mental "suffering," if any.

****P.S. Learn how to take a joke, and identify the intent of the people which you are talking to.  You are responsible for yourself, your own responses, reactions, and giving power to yourself and others over you.  Be accountable, don't play victim all the time.  These are still people, some people are up front, others hide behind their profiles.  Don't make personal issues site issues, if you take off your clothes on skype or in real life and bicker about it on Bwamu...guess what, it's a personal issue.  Grow up.

***All that is needed for membership is the support of the movement, and active participation by all!




 If you would like to see certain changes or want to try out to be an admin...write out in bullet text what can be changed, policies, and or site enhancements.  Then write a short essay on what you think the site mission is and how we get there.



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