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   I'm curious to read the feed back for this one. Ummm as of late I have moved and am back in a familiar area. Most the folks around me for most part lived here all they life. Now usually I receive crazy looks from crazy people and I mean G building crazy. But since with my change of address it also came with a change of roommates.

   It just so happens that one of my roommates is a very attractive 22 year old female. If I had her permission to post a picture I would so members could understand. She happens to be attractive and black. So as of late we go out and grab a couple drinks and something to eat. Or just ride to the corner store to grab a wrap and so on.

   But all the black men that are around when we hanging out. Become very angered when seeing us together. None has had the courage to bother asking if she was single. So when I was speaking to the clerk at store. He had asked me , is that your girlfriend that comes up here with you. So i explained no , he then told me the slick comments men would say when we leave.

   They don't like it , they don't like it at all. Now when I'm given the crazy eye , I'm known to give it right back. Usually fallowed by the efff is you staring at. But what erks me more is the fact none of them bother to ask if we are together. They just see it and start hating. It even goes as far as their is a man who ask for change , he was so mad he refuse to ask me for any change. Which i don't mind cuz it saves me the trouble of saying no.

    But the stares of disgust or hate works my nerve. So has any one else had to deal with this. Its open for men and women. As a black woman , have you had to deal with insults from your own race for your preference in men?

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Im biracial (black and mexican) and I get stares no matter what the race is of the people Im with. Ignorance is ignorant of race, everyone being equally capable of it and you just have to decide not to care. A lot of people see that dating outside your race as a betrayal when its not. If you're like me, you like someone based on WHO they are, not WHAT they are, everything and everyone else is just background noise. My father has only ever jokingly said that he doesnt want any "slant eyed" grand babies. I went out and bought him "Korean/ Japanese/ Chinese/ Thai for Dummies". ^^

STARES is on thing but being flat out rude is another/

Do you think the ugly looks depend on:
1. What part of town you are in?
2. What socioeconomic group of people you are around at the time?
3. What education level of the admirers?
4. If you are in an all-black, all-Asian or all-white neighborhood versus mixed. 
5. All of the above 
6. None of the above

It happens to me all the time. Black men always give my boyfriend and I dirty looks. I even had someone say "Linsanity" which I went off when the guy said and my boyfriend had to ask me to let it go because I can be just as bad as they can.

When people say I just hug him or kiss my boyfriend to piss them off even more. They want to stare so I will give them something to stare at. 

But of course some guy actually stare at me and my boyfriend will tell them i'm his and they will back up or give him dap and say "I respect it,.,,She badd." 

hmmmm I can go into this more but i'm tired lol 

You also have to take into account that people are nosey. 
My mom and dad live I'm Palm Springs. It's mostly white and old. They stare at us all the time. Why? Im not old and white most likely. Why am I there? Where did I come from? Am I staying long?  You know. Lol
My ex and I went to Fridays in Torrance. An Asian waiter kept staring at us? Why you ask?  He later said "You guys are a very fashionable couple.". Lol
My ex went into hood Albertsons with my son.  Females were staring at him and child.  Why you ask? They later asked "hmmm, What kinda asian is you?" lol 
People are nosey. 

I work with a lot of brothers. Good looking brothas! They know I like Asian. They looked at me a little longer than usual. Kinda puzzled... But whatever... My ex and I broke up.  One of them asked, "So are you finished with the Asian persuasion?" 
I said "nope", and smiled. 

In the town I live it's the opposite, Black men and women they don't care. Most of the stares and weird looks I've got were white. The only white people that didn't trip were some of my friends

here is my video. I spoke about my experience with the stares.

I personally like the attention I get when I use to date this AM. Yes you're going to have BM acting ignorant from time to time. They'll make comments , stare a hole in your face, and possibly show their a** by being loud and obnoxious. I get a good kick out the whole situation. I'll plant a kiss on my AM , he feeds me I feed him, he gives me piggy back rides to the car etc....If they wanna talk I'll give them something to talk about for a lifetime. Lol. It's all good in my eyes as long as they keep their hands to themselves , we won't have an a** whooping problem. Besides, they don't have the right to hate considering they had their chance. "What one man won't another man would".

I find that the black men definitely push back the hardest in my case, but I was engaged to an Asian man once (his dad was Japanese and his mother was white) and they hated it (notice I said WAS engaged).  Fortunately I've never had to deal with outright disrespectful comments only weird looks and side eyes.  I'm totally okay with it. If our presence has that much of an impact on a random stranger, then we must be pretty powerful.  Ignorance cracks me up, but what can you do?  Some people will always carry that in the box way of thinking. Don't let it upset you and you cant fight every battle.

i  experience the same thing before, but i don't care because like Nadyah from the previous comment say  has long you and into dating interracial relationship " number one things that come with it is starring. you  need to be careless.  for example to me if you don't come to my face or  called me any name i don't care you look because i know you going to stop. i am into affection public display so when i out it's me and that person nothing around me exist that my mind set. i can focus in things i don't care about. that's me

Naaaws, everywhere you go, whatever skin color you are you will ways get the evil eye even if you are doing something as innocent as getting something to eat, people will always be curious & some are jus jealous or pathetic that they cant say it so they use there ugly faces too. But you shouldnt let things like that phaze you, just brush it off ;) & be happy mates with room mate.

I get dirty looks whenever I hang out with non-Asian female friends, sometimes I hear really loud negative whispering. I'm used to it by now. 


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