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Ok I'm new to this site. I haven't been on here for long. I had always found myself attracted to Asian men, but I was told the Asian Community did not find interacial dating acceptable. I live In Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Asian population is high here. I ind that most Asian men here tend to stick with their own race.

So my question for the men and women on hre what do Asian men look for? I'm so clueless.

I am very open to being with a Asian man and I tend to find good in everyone reguardless of their physical appearance. need help



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I would hope so, or this site would be ridiculous lol. I know that Asian are attracted to black women, most men are. The better question is do they want to be in a relationship with them?

My thoughts exactly Linda! Being attracted to black women is not where the problem lies... But finding an asian man that is willing to have you as his girlfriend is a whole other can of worms

Ditto.  Getting into a relationship is the issue for some women.  Men are men otherwise.  Regarding what they are looking for in black women in personality and physical appeareance is an individual thing.  The men who are attracted to you will gravitate towards you. 

Linda I also agree. The reason why I asked this question is because my best guy friend and I wanted to be more than just friends but his mom told my granny that being in a relationship with a black woman would bring shame on their family. His mother and my grandmother have been friends for 20 years. I grew up with him and his mother has known me since I was 9. I just found it messed up that me and him could be no more than friends.

Well if you guys are interested in each other...I think that you answered your own question.

Now the choice to either stay together against all odds or concede to ignorant beliefs and end the relationship depends on how much you guys are willing to commit to the relationship. No matter how many negative comment come both of ya'lls way at the end of the day it should be about you and your man and no one else.

This was about eight years ago. I'm married and he is too. We both have kids but we are both not happy in our marriages. I just still bothered me that we will never know.

It depends on where you live. I live in WV and while there's not a big asian population,(mostly Indian, Korean, Syrian) they don't seem to have a issue dating or marrying "out". I've heard that in other places that asians don't date black women but thats not the case where I am. 

My dad is Japanese and my mom is black southern lady and he love black women

If this were not a possibility than many Asian to Non Asian sites would not exist. You have to remember and maybe do research on Asian culture. Remember that they were homogenous and that the exposure to outsiders was limited.  in addition, think of how blacks were forced into separate neighborhoods through their earlier to mid years here. Same with Asians. there were laws that confined them and defined them as non citizens.  FYI your area is a high refugee are and remnants from internment caps of the Japanese war. We have to take inconsideraton culture, which was "they dont accept us as American despite our contributions, but at the same time we have to survive"  Sound familiar?  

Asian women with Non Asian men is popular because they got a serious 50 yr head start on the interracial dating.  We have to remember that many of these interactions started from WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War; with military bases there. Exposure to non Asian Men. It wen through the same scrutiny that AMBW are going through today, but there is a confucianism and cultural diff with Asian men.  Asian women were not valued and are still not as valued as they should be today.  Loosing a female for someone else to take care of.. pshhh... mixing the blood line.. um that really sucks!, however, her value was not as important as a male, in a MALE RAN SOCIETY. So now we are at AM, the bread winner of the house. God help you if you go with the ONLY SON...  The eldest son is also a trip... jeabus! This is their blood line for the older generation. Their family's Asian blood may not continue on... yes Blood and culture is that serious to them. Despite there being 10 billion gazilion of these mofos... they are worried about dying off LOL. (historical asian societies have suffered from great loss though).  

This is their son... you take his name in american culture... you bare their grand kids. This is not just a inclusion of their family to you, but your capability to meet their expectations of having grandkids that will carry on. 

There is a lot of pressure on Asian females. A LOT. 

So i say that when you ask if Asian men are attracted to non asian females... take in consideration their cultural pressure. Ask you self how independent of a thinker is he. Dont waist your time on games, immediately drop him. There are too many asian men that will date only but never take you serious if you can not fit the billet in enough places to PASS. Don't have any expectations. Let the natural flow happen. When it comes to Asian American men, its all up in the air. You have to look at how many friends are non asian. How much do they asco with people out side their cultural circle. Do they stereo type people a lot. How do they interact with other ethnicities. These are factors to take inconsideration. 

There was this one post on here by an asian dude who talked heavy ebonics, dressed thuggish, talked about how come black men hate on him or dont accept him, but he stereo typed every black male to his ghetto/hood mentality. 

Men who want big butt girls because of their fantasy with rap videos and strippers are not dating material.. they are after a fetish.

Just like the girls on here that have to compare every got dang asian male to some movie star... "ohhh he looks like Woo jon Kim" (made that name up). 

ppl get infatuated on the fact they are in a interracial relationship and brag about their others ethnicity and feature as a marketing tool

Verse loving the embellishments that come along with interracial relationships and appreciating what they are experiencing...

Thank you for going into depth with your answer. Why do you think it's okay for Asian men to date white women. It kind of seems unfair.


Where did you get that from what i wrote.  What i wrote was universal. And life is unfair but to answer your questions, for some it goes back to cultural exposure.

Sadly early asia saw White as a superior power in the world (to this day many still do). The thing is that you have to remember, that Asia was homogenous. The way information was spread a long time ago (say o' 1900-early 21 century) was through colonization and imperialism.  Now who was doing that? unfortunately Whites and Portuguese.  Now if they are enslaving people as they go along, and knowing their relationship with Black... do you really think he spread good word about black?? Ok lets bring it state side. (guys you can really learn a lot from Asian American and African American studies on this stuff) During the late 19 century and early 20th century, Asians built our transcontinental railroad.  Blacks were brought in to try to teach them a lesson... they worked for less than the Asian. However, this kinda backfired. They became friends. Now later on, we jump to the civil rights movement, where Asians, by whites standards were allowed to sit anywhere on the bus. This is where confucianism comes in- we all have a role to play in the concept of a great community.  At the same time, Asians were dealing with many racial struggles. And their suppression by the white male had started a common theme... "self hate" Many women would try to erase their ethnicity by marring White men. (i have read so much on this.. omg)  The white man was the superior thus marring him was upgrading your quality of life. Yes some parents were upset, yet then again, we are talking about loosing a female. However, this superior trend was not just a mentality with Asian women. 

Today and for the last say o' 50 yrs. Many asians have been exposed to whites at a place that many blacks never conceptualized. COLLEGES. We all admit that college life is diff. You meet people from around the world.  Asians have always been about education... As family pressure (cant speak on an individual mentality only a cultural). Where are most white kids from the ages of 17-29? College! Where were most black kids?  Who was teaching at most of these colleges? Who talked about Black kids at most of the colleges? Whites... not just because many blacks did not go there, but also cus Blacks are a minority too.. so even if every black in the US went to college, there would still be 10 whites to 1 black (just an example). 

Also who traveled abroad for college mostly? Either Scholarshiped whites or rich whites?

It went from a racial/racist exposure influencing culture to educational exposure. 

Me honestly, you also wont find many hood rat blacks (specific type of black person) traveling the world impressing people. Nor would many blacks want that person to represent them!

Here is a lesson for everyone to think about. WE ARE ALL DiPLOMATs of something! When people are meeting you for the first time they tend to take that and apply it to other things/rationalization.  

if you are the only america they ever met, no matter your race, they ask, "i wonder if all americans are like that?" and they will later reflect "i met this american one time and they were...."

If you are the only "black" american they ever met.... apply above

If you are the only American Female they ever met ....apply above

This can also be applied when they have met few of a ethnicity, nationality too... hence why you are asking these superficial questions on a site directed to "black" women.  Think about that...

It is going to depend on each person.  If all they have ever been exposed to is ghetto black girls...then ignorantly, if they like that they will migrate to it.  If they dont like it - they avoid it like the plague.

yes many asians are racist in my opinion. But you have to ask, is that ignorance, naiveness  and what is the source, hatred, culture, or inferiority complexes? 

Who says life is fair on racial equality...

I have met so many racist asian guys who stereo type, and turn around and throw temper tantrums at the fact they are stereo typed and cant get the white "trophy" they want. 

These guys are and will always be miserable because they are race dating, and not valuing her as a female, but a "status". Most end up getting used. Some have insulted non white girls who look "white" enough. If it were really just features of "white" girls that they liked, then when a girl told them she was not white, he would still respect her or not push for those "do white people like ...." questions around her. They would be more focused on learning her culture, instead of trying to mold her into someone elses.

Both sides have pros and cons. To be wanted for your status... like a toy? To be not wanted because you are not a toy and your status is something they have to learn?


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****P.S. Learn how to take a joke, and identify the intent of the people which you are talking to.  You are responsible for yourself, your own responses, reactions, and giving power to yourself and others over you.  Be accountable, don't play victim all the time.  These are still people, some people are up front, others hide behind their profiles.  Don't make personal issues site issues, if you take off your clothes on skype or in real life and bicker about it on Bwamu...guess what, it's a personal issue.  Grow up.

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