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US-based Korean-American songwriter scored for racist tweets By JONATHAN M. HICAP February 20, 2012, 11:00am MANILA, Philippines - A New York City-based Korean-American songwriter, who co-wrote one of the songs for Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” album, is getting so much flack for tweeting comments against African-Americans/blacks. Jenny Hyun, who was born and raised in the US, got criticized for her posts on Twitter that targeted blacks. The controversy stemmed Jenny Hyun (Photos courtesy of when Hyun tweeted to direct her anger against boxer Floyd Mayweather, who earlier posted a tweet on NBA player Jeremy Lin. “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise,” Mayweather tweeted. From there, Hyun started posting several angry tweets. “Floyd Mayweather disrespecting Jeremy Lin because he’s Asian? Dude, come back when your people learn how to be human,” she posted. She added, “Floyd Mayweather, your people brag about all the muscles they have except for the muscle that actually counts. #Neanderthal. F***ing idiot. You should be WORSHIPPING Asians you sub-human ungrateful APE @FloydMayweather.” And to make things worse, Hyun fired off more tweets that targeted African-Americans/blacks. “Your culture is DISGUSTING, your people are equally as DISGUSTING. Disrespectful, violent, arrogant, stupid. The only way black people are able to advance in any way is through white people. It reminds me of a little something called SLAVERY,” she added. She also fired a tweet against the late Whitney Houston, saying, “So Whitney Houston was that much of a loss? Is it even worth listening to such a beautiful voice if it also comes with ALL THAT BAGGAGE?” Hyun added, “I know things won’t change much. People don’t see things in a bigger perspective than the immediate present. They’ve been around so long. We don’t know what it’s like with them not here. But imagine a world with NO BLACK PEOPLE. All the tension in every aspect of life would be drastically improved without them around. And ONLY them.” “Think about all the money we would save not having to give to their never ending charities. Replacing a black worker with any other race would see better efficiency, better quality of work. We don’t have to tip-toe around race issues since everybody else in the world basically looks Hispanic or Indian,” she said. “You know I’m right. I know I’m right. Even THEY know I’m right,” she said. She defended her tweets and said people got it wrong. “Someone DM’d me asking why my sudden open dislike/hatred towards blacks. You’re getting all wrong if you think I hate black people. My conclusion is unbiased. It’s like deciding to amputate a limb from gangrene. It has to be done. The patient will feel better afterwards. Eradication of one toxic family is exactly what this world needs,” Hyun wrote. After her tweets spread, Twitter users fired back, accusing Hyun of being a racist and advocating to eradicate blacks. An online petition was started urging Korean and international entertainment companies to blacklist Hyun. Hyun posted an apology to the black community on her personal blog but said she doesn’t regret what she said. “You are threatening me with the fact that you know my address. You guys have also started to roar your engines every so often outside of my home. This is my official apology to the black community. I do not regret what I said, however, I now understand that there are some lines one cannot cross,” she said. “Please take this apology and do what you will with it, but hopefully, everyone will remember to stay calm, cool and collected and remember that violence is not the answer,” she said. The apology has since been deleted. On her blog, Hyun describes herself as a pop/R&B songwriter who “has written, recorded and helped produce over 50 songs and has collaborated with various producers and writes music for American and Asian artists.” She said she co-wrote the song “Spring Day (How Great Is Your Love),” a track in Girls Generation’s hit album “The Boys.” She also said she co-wrote a song for the debut album of Korean girl group Chocolat. “In 2011, the song ‘Watching Over Me’ (which was on my independently released album entitled ‘Jaley’ in 2003) was placed on the album of a top Asian girl group, Girls' Generation, under the title ‘Mistake.’ Also in 2011 I have placed a song I co-wrote with Jean T. Na and SooYoung from Girls' Generation entitled ‘Spring Day (How Great Is Your Love)’ on Girls' Generation's album ‘The Boys.’ Later that year, I co-wrote a song on the debut album of ChoColat called ‘One More Day (Same Thing To Her)’', according to an entry on her website.

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wow, just wow...

my thoughts exactly

 Referring to a whole race of people as a limb that needs to be amputated. She's so far off the deep end that its sad. Lol at her being an R&B songwriter, compliments of our "disgusting culture". SMDH


blame it on the lack of genetic diversity, shes a pap smear in a petri dish 

thaats exactly what i said! RNB singer seriously?? -im not even angry reading this. She is an example for what so many people already but wont say. If in the event that something happened and all black people were gone - someone else would be the scapegoat...we are a race where we dont look like everyone else but thats what is beautiful. same like gingers who get stick from their own race! ignorance is extremely contagious.such is life


Who is she kidding? Everything she said can be applied to Koreans. Korean women give it up for black soldiers like no other Asian woman would.

All of them should leave Japan and go back to Korea.

I am so sick of their antics. They have no original culture at all and claim Sushi, Chinese new year, Ninjitsu and everything else is Korean.

This stupid woman exemplifies the ugly Korean.

Korea is a slave colony.

Korean GDP = Posing as Japanese and international prostitution ring.

Korean women sell themselves for 500 yen downtown Roppongi.

Guys, I understand your passion, and MinDee I do not blame you for the Anger since he attacked a whole race just like the Chick in the article did, but please calm it down...


I say that from the view point of an Admin on this site...


As a black woman I say you call him out in person and beat that @ss :)

Someone is enjoying the show.
Did u really feel that u needed to go there. I'm sure you are better then that and it sad that u feel u need to say hateful things about a culture, just to have someone reply to ur response.


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