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My girlfriend (well now ex) and I  just broke up, but we'll remain friends.  Are you guys ok with being friends with your ex's?  I figure you invested so much time in a person, why not try to be friends? I think my ex and I lucked out and we'll definitely be close/best friends.  

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I speak to my ex's. its my way of saying i forgive them. but honestly, they were horrible guys. One was verbally abusive and  tried to drain me for all my money. then another got mad at me when i tried to break up with him on good terms. grabbed me bear hugged me threw me in the bathroom and locked me in for hours kept coming in pushing me into the wall. when he finally let me out i played its cool he said if i left him he would kill himself ....i had to get a restraining order. till this day he sends me messages on fb asking why i won't give him another chance. i refuse to live in fear of this dude....i think it depends on the situation  tho and your new relationship. my bf now,  trust me and as long as my male friends respect my relationship its not problem.

I don't think it's an issue being friends with your ex. If the breakup was mutual or both parties finally came to terms with it, all is well. There's no problem with still liking your ex as a person, it's just that you know she/he is not the person for you. I'm still friends with my ex, but not best friends. I keep my distance just out of respect for his girlfriend or future girlfriend. Some people are insecure about those types of friendships, and I'm not looking to cause any drama. I, on the other hand, don't think I'd have a problem with a dude staying friends with his ex because she's obviously his ex for a reason. It is one of those things you have to observe because actions always speak louder than words. If you can tell that both parties are over each other, then don't sweat it and trust in the one you're with.

Its really ok to be friends with your ex
If he was a great good guy but y'all had
to end it cuz u guys felt like it will be better
but u cant remain friends with a guy who used to be really bad to you

....It really depends on the individuals and as Kai said, "the reason for the breakup". I have friends that are still on speaking terms with some of their exes. A family friend invited her ex boyfriends to her wedding (a bit much IMO but w/e).
The main thing to consider is what happens when you or your ex find someone new. Will your new significant other be okay with you joking around with an ex? Will your ex try to win you back now that there is someone new in the picture? Sending messages to an ex and joking around could be interpreted as 'flirting' to your new gf and it could come across as one or both parties still feeling emotionally attached to the relationship. Again, it differs greatly between people but we all enter new relationships with lessons learned (hopefully) from the previous one(s).
Personally, the relationship would have to have ended on mutual terms for it to be okay to remain friends (ex. both parties realize that they are better off as friends). Anything that ended due to an ongoing issue or incident leaves little to no room for "remaining friends" IMO.
You and your ex are one of the small yet growing number of people that make the friendship thing work. I hope your friendship continues :-)

If the break up was mutual then i see no problem also if you can handel being around them when they bring their boyfriend or girlfriend around i however don't stay friend with my ex's 1) out of respect for their new partner and 2) because you never know if your ex is using that as a excuse to keep tabs on you and to bring you in the middle of something you didn't ask for. 

I personally don't do it because i had a ex who would do that and as for the others the last two kinda did me wrong so i saw no point of staying friends with them.

It  truly depends on the reason for the break up Im only friends w/ my recent ex bf ...he is an awesome and beautiful person who was not only my bf but a great friend we broke up for reasons beyond our control so yea being a friend w/ an ex is possible but that really depends on the circumstances that led to the break up

Yea. It definitely depends on the person. Some people dont want it to be on bad terms so you stay friends. Others dont want anything to do with that person...i dont ever want to see you again mentality. Whatever it is you desire, i think you should go for it and let it flow. Dont think that you have to be friends because you put so much effort into it ☺️

I started off as deep best friends with my recent ex, but lost that due and through the relationship.  I recently broke up too, and it feels confusing because our friendship and now trust are back when it really doesn't count.  We've related that we've slept with other people (that didn't feel great), but we are at a place where we can talk much more bluntly like we once had.  I put a ring on this woman's hand, and it's hard that it didn't work out...but we got to move on.  

I do foresee that it's going to be tricky when I do invest myself in the future with someone that I want to go all the way with again.  The same thing for her.  I ask myself, are we really going to remain friends, or is this a way to say goodbye and I hope there are no hard feeling for the wrongs and foolishness we did to one another.  One thing is clear, is that I learned a lot from having her in my life and hopefully vice versa.  You learn that you want a clean and pure relationship with the next person, and hopefully you can determine if you can go all the way to something spiritual...we learn that we are simply human beings making mistakes with one another until we get it right.  

I'll always love and care for her...but there are no guarantees of friendship also.  So I'll take the time that I have as friends with her before we both move on and do my best there.  So it's hard to say once I make someone else my woman and wife.  

I have remained on speaking terms with ex's but not so much friends.  It's not intentional but I guess we talk less and less because our lives are moving in different directions.  But, if we see each other is cordial and there are not nasty feelings.  I never have a problem saying that some of them were really great guys and we just wanted different things in life.  But, if you are able to maintain a close friendship without complicating a future one, then I see no problem with this.  Why let go of a really good friend?

Depends! I don't hate or dislike any of my exes, but a couple of them I don't think I could be friends with. It's no hard feelings, though. We're just different people. I forgive them all of them, and I wish them the best from afar, but I choose not to have them in my life. 

It's ok.. but it can become a problem when you get in your next relationship unless it is well established what boundaries exist and mutual respect not only between you and your ex, but also with your next. It can cause a lot of discomfort and tension if this is not properly communicated. Just think, are you okay if your girl is best friends with someone they used to sleep with and share a romantic relationship with? For example would you let her go out drinking or chill in alone with him? yeah… blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol!!! NOOOOOOOOO… not an excuse. LOL

No. No. No. Not for me. They always turn the conversation into "why are we not together". I prefer to limit the contact in order for us to move onto something better.


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