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I am a socially awkward penguin, and I tend to worry a lot. That means that I have *ahem* anxiety issues that manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The issue du jour is that I get horrible stomach pains if I'm stressed out. I mentioned it to my friends and they all told me the very many different ways in which stress affects them: some get sick, some can't sleep, some can't stay awake, some can't eat, others eat a lot, etc etc

Because misery loves company I'm curious about how stress affects other people, I'd like to hear how everyone deals with stressful situations? Do you become an invalid, or are you the sort of demigod person who is unaffected by stressful situation? I envy you for your steely nature if you are the latter.  

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I think stress is mostly common everywhere now. Some just handle it better than others do. I know when I'm stressed I tend to want to be alone. But I have ways on dealing with my stress. There's many ways one can help ease their stress or anxiety. Depends on what's best for you really. The important thing is to know yourself and body. And to always remember your in control. Keep your mind clear and relaxed, I know it sounds hard when your going through stress. But if you learn your be able to control your anxiety along with other things if needed.

I enjoy warm candle light baths, reading, listening to relaxing music. And I know it sounds a little weird but, I give massages to myself and my husband. Even walking sometimes helps me. I know I enjoy nature and peace. So mostly anything with those things help me.Some people talk to friends and family. Or go out with friends on a night out. Like I tell most people, learn what makes you happy and relaxed.Than when you find it, use it.

If anything you should see what brings on your stress and than see of different ways to handle them. Than try using your new relaxation techniques for stress. There's a lot of new techniques out there. And who know's in no time your be out there walking with your head high enjoying yourself and others too.( BUT THE NUMBER ONE CURE FOR MOST PROBLEMS IS A LAUGH. SO SMILE)  Hope this was helpful to you and let me know if you need any help with finding those techniues.

Thanks for the advice. It's very sound and thoughtful.

You're absolutely right about laughter being a cure for a lot of problems. Although I've noticed that as people get older.... they tend to laugh less.... that's tragic, and it plays havoc on their mental and physical health.

I sleep and consume myself in total darkness, blasting trance music.

I blast music too. Just not trance.... usually the most emotional classical music I can find. XD

Alex O'Rion - The Bigger Room is my choice for that exact scenario ;)

Emotional music tends to bum me out even more.

The thing about me and stress is that by not facing it, I get even more stressed out. And when finally do deal with whatever was causing my stress (after putting it off), a part of me is so mad at myself that I just didn't face it in the first place.

My Rx: Music, sleep, drinking lots of water, then a long walk (you'd be surprised what fresh air/vitamin D can do), then a look at my vision board to remind me of the bigger picture (goals).

I often avoid dealing with the issue and shift my attention to doing something non-stressful.

I do that too. When I'm stressed I tend to spend a lot of time with my hobbies... that's when people start getting kitted scarves or hats or little knick-knacks. 

Well. I once read an article that suggested why it might be easier to write when you're sad (and, by extension, stressed). It's in no way scientific, but the reasons are sound. You should put all your sad writings into a folder and revisit them sometimes... you might find little gems 

That is very true. I think artists tend to do their best work when they are miserable.

When I'm stressed I tend to go on an exercise frenzy

:O Oh my! I hope you don't get stressed very often, or you might overexert yourself.

But that's a brilliant way to work out the restlessness that stress usually causes.

I'm weird. I can walk into a test knowing I will fail without a care in the world for different reasons..

Put me next to a stranger I (sometimes) feel like I'm going to die.

Usually, comedy shows and action video games.

It's a nice stress reliever.

Taking long walks with some upbeat music or mellow music.


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