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I am a socially awkward penguin, and I tend to worry a lot. That means that I have *ahem* anxiety issues that manifest themselves in a variety of ways. The issue du jour is that I get horrible stomach pains if I'm stressed out. I mentioned it to my friends and they all told me the very many different ways in which stress affects them: some get sick, some can't sleep, some can't stay awake, some can't eat, others eat a lot, etc etc

Because misery loves company I'm curious about how stress affects other people, I'd like to hear how everyone deals with stressful situations? Do you become an invalid, or are you the sort of demigod person who is unaffected by stressful situation? I envy you for your steely nature if you are the latter.  

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You can also research about the "Mozart Affect" too.. that is another study as well for people who listen to Mozart besides just any piano music.

I go to the gym and workout doing cardio or lift weights for 40 minutes to an hour+

makes me forget whatever I'm stressing or worrying about and just focus on the workout.

Doing cardio also releases endorphins which is like a natural stress reliever

I agree.  Working out at the gym will take your mind off from stress.  When i was going through stress a few months ago,  I forced myself to go to gym to sweat myself off, push my limits on weight training (a bit of supplements intake would help motivating). 


That way, you'll feel better about yourself.  That kept in mind, you gotta occupy yourself with some sort of activities.  When i was not working out, I just find some small hobbies to keep myself busy, such as video games, reading some online articles, wash my car (lol), and maybe find some friends to hang out with.  I actually managed to get myself up to not worry about what's in the past or what not.  Just my 2 cents.

How are you able to do that when your stressed? I can not even focus while doing that when I am stressed. I tried to do that once when I was super excited but became so frustrated because I was stressed out. Talk about torture ha ha, and I did not have music with me to relax either. (facepalm)

lool interesting answer....the "M" word.

that's exactly why i dance every day

I don't really stress but if I feel any tension I usually dance or workout

It depends on how stressful I feel. If its the regular daily stress, I would just watch anime, take myself out for some nice food, and sleep early. If I was depressed and surrounded by stress that I couldn't deal with, I would have to go out and talk with people. Bottling them up only makes it worse, I have to let them all out, either talking with friends and family, or with a counselor. 

When I am stressed I take mydog for a walk or go to the lake and mediate 


Usually, the three together... and best on an autumn day when the foliage is lush and rich with the bright colours

or on a boat drifting through the marshlands.


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