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     I'm asking for honesty and nothing less. Im well aware that not all ov us are angels. Also that some people will rather lie and post a statement with only the intention of impressing other members of this site. But I'm looking for truth here ppl.

    Now I know that , to hurt some one you love is wrong. Especially if what you are doing is considered cheating. So if you don't get caught and they where never to know. I'd like to know how many members would actually do it.

     Now it may sound crazy to speak on. But on multiple occasions I have met plenty of women who cary on relationships with multiple boyfriends depending upon needs and bills. So the idea of having multiple lovers cant be to difficult to imagine.

        I'm interested in knowing  if you could cheat on your spouse and never get caught. Meaning God himself came down to earth and gave you the green light. Would you do it?

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I'm seeing that humans are beyond monogamous relationships. If we only wanted one partner, than why do we cheat? All humans are capable cheaters. If it happens, then it shouldn't be anything of surprise. Yeah it hurts to deal with someone who broke your trust, but thats when you learn from it and move on. We all get cheated on...even when we swear up and down our partners are oh so faithful. Would I cheat? No, unless its unintentional. Could I do it and not get caught? Many of us do. 

1. Spouse - no, why the heck should I get married to cheat?  Dont get married. just casually date and chill

2. boyfriend - no, for what?  break up with him and do your thing.

3. casual dating, kicking it, fwb, chillin - not considered cheating because there is no committment but that has to be clear with parties involved.  if someone thinks it is exclusive then you have to decide and be clear.

That is true. You have to want to be faithful. Believe me, women have way more opportunity to be unfaithful. If they chose to do that. It isn't based on the opportunities it's based on just wanting to. Also, it's not a mystery that women are far better at keeping it a secret. Men dont have the intuition that women have so it isn't that they couldn't get away with. Believe that!!! Lol. It's simply wanting to be faithful. Not every woman or man wants to be faithful. so they dont.
I think that we are not wild animals without control. If I decide to be faithful I won't find myself grinding on some guy at a club. Or sitting up late talking with another woman. On some level, I know that what I am doing could lead to something. Especially if that other person is attractive in some way to you. Willpower never helped me lose weight. Lol It was the actions around my decision. So if my decision is to be faithful then the actions will align. Fear is temporary. Lol. And there are a lot of distractions which will iniolate fear. If I am in a committed relationship then I am not gonna cheat. Or... I will date several at one time.
We can only speak to our experience. What I hear you describing is not fear but insecurity. So in that case, if someone is insecure and feels they will never do better, they stay and don't fuck it up. That is one way to look at it. Some people may be operating that way. That's not me.

we all have fear but successful people in any discipline will feel the fear and do it anyway. I have never stayed in any relationship because of fear. I also don't have to cheat to walk away. If it's working and the sex is good and we are on the same page...why cheat? If it isn't, evaluate and move on.

nah not my style...

If I would consider cheating on my spouse, I shouldn't have married them in the first place.

No. I don't need a guy to pay my bills so that's not an issue. And if he's working a lot of hours, I won't get mad because I'm working too. I just can't think of anything a guy can do to make me want to have sex with someone else. Thats not solving anything. If there's a problem we can't work out, its over. And I don't believe sex should ever be used as a weapon to get back at someone.

I wouldn't do it.
In any relationship I have been in I have never cheated or put myself in a situation where it could happen.

I like to keep my record free and clear. So there isn't anything that can be thrown in my face during fights.
Besides it's just not in my nature. I don't want to get hurt so I wouldn't inflict that same type or pain on someone else.

No I couldn't ever cheat on a guy. I'm far too faithful to ever do it, once I'm in a relationship I have tunnel vision, meaning I only have eyes for my significant other (per say). I've been cheated on before and it hurts way too much to put anyone else through that type of pain. Any issues that arise in our relationship, I'd try to talk them through, alternatively, if the issue(s) cannot be fixed I would end the relationship.

wouldn't cheat. if i'm with someone i am with them...end. just break up, divorce, separate or whatever and do what you are going to do.

i wouldn't want someone to do that to me.

i honestly would want that person to come to me and be like "hey...i find that person attractive and i want to hook up." then i'd be like "well if they are that attractive....i should hook up with them too." and vice versa, haha.

no...why? b/c im not greedy I choose to be content w/what i have


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