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what is your opinion of a long distance relationship? one that the two individuals have never met but can always skype and call or text? how long would you wait to see that person? would you wait?


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if they were really special to me and seemed like one in a million i would wait forever for them.

thats sweet i wish my crush was like that :( 

who's your crush?

doesnt matter anymore something happened that changed all that :( 

who's yours ??

that's a shame to hear :(

it's this cute rastafarian girl :)

ohh awesome i wish you luck when are you going to see her

Depends on how far away the person is..

true is 19 hours too far 


Most people have an optimistic outlook when they give their opinions of long distance relationships. I'm gon be real with you. Distance don't mean jack shit unless you separated by an ocean. Time, temptation, stress, insecurities, and just emotions in general, can all test and strain any relationship.

There's plenty of moments when it's all worth it. Those moments when you genuinely connect, and communication is both comfortable and comes naturally. That realization that there's a person you can't help but miss. Then there's that overwhelming sense of purpose, like "I have something to offer to share and I want to share my passion with them." You find these in long distance relationships too.

BUT... Likewise you get the negativity that comes with building a relationship. Aside from distance, what's the plan? Ultimately, what are we aiming for? Do we both have the same focus or do we differ? Does one person want to pursue maintaining an emotional bond? Meanwhile, the other tries to establish a physical relationship? How much is each person willing to sacrifice and how much are we willing to compromise?

Most people think of long distance relationships and are blinded by the ideals of a chance at true love and romance. Never mind the fact that its still a relationship. I submit to you this. Of all the relationships you've had of all the break ups and exes you've dealt with? What makes you think you'd have better luck in a long distance relationship?

 It's a risk with it's fair share of consequences and rewards. My opinion if you do find someone regardless how close or how far. Don't so much focus on them. Don't bother focusing on how attractive they are or how easy they are to talk to. Focus on enjoying every moment of their company.

I said it in another thread: If they want to be there, they'll be there; and if they don't, they won't.

thanks this is so inspirational if its ok im going to share this as my status on fb. most people do not think this was or consider such deep intellectual understanding of the topic.i try to explain similar views to the guy but doesnt work

That is really insightful.


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