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I'm just curious...when your listening to a new song or a completely new artist...What attracts you...or reels you in so to say?

Is it that smooth tenor? The sultry whispers of a temptress? The rough edged vocals?

The lyrics that make total sense? Or words you find relate to you?

Or is it that rhythm? That pounding bass? The sounds that make up the perfect instrumental soundtrack? XD

I just wanna know, what grabs your attention first? What keeps you listening? What makes you love the music?

For me, it's the composed music, whether it be in the form of electronic beats, stomps, guitars, drums, or even a decent beatboxer. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter how stupid the song is, if i love the sound it's going on my ipod. XD

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Honestly, it could be any of those. For one artist, it could be the smooth and lulling sound that attracted me to their music while for another it could be the lyrics that make PERFECT sense to me or are more on the deeper side and they make you think about the lyrics. If I like something, anything at all, about a song, it won't always be the case for another song if only because that first particular song gives a better representation than the second song.

An example (in the case that I confused you and others xD) would be Obsession by Shinee and Erase by Brian Joo. Obsession keeps my interest because I love the deep lyrics and the beat to it. Erase gets me with the melody and fact that he truly sounds upset about what's going on the song. Both are on my iPod and I listen to them often ^^
I can understand that, but for the MOST part you seem to be a lyrics person. :) at least that's what it seems like.
Really? Hmm..I'l have to look on my iPod and go through more of my songs then~
Learning something new every day lol
Yeahhh haha, I'm the same way: if the beat or melody is really good I'm listenin' no matter how bad the rest is for the most part.
its all of it. but i love Maxwell his sexy sultry voice lyrics n beats.
Sounds like you LOVE you some Maxwell. XD
i do but i also love erica badu well her old stuff b4 she got all crazy, lauren hill love love love Jill scott, michael jackson,rain,usher *sometimes* robin thicke -the 2nd album n 1st the last 2 have been garbage. i love old stuff from the 50s 60s n 70s. i like a little of everything well maybe not hard rock or alternitive but some of those i can deal with too like linkin park
New linkin park or Old Linkin Park

Lyrics, definitely, in Japanese music or English music. Complex or simple; it doesn't matter. The message they're trying to convey in the song reels me in.

Otherwise, I'm reall drawn to music videos, especially for Korean and Chinese music. As strange as that may seem.
What starts it for me is the rhythm. Once the rhythm catches my attention then I will pay attention on the words. Like when I listen to Korean, Japanese, or Thai music it is the rhythm that catches me. I dont really know what is being said until the I read the subtitles, but its the rhythm that draws me into even bothering with the lyrics.
This video's rhythm had me with the clapping. Lol! I've been singing it all day. That and Super Junior Bonamana

so these guys in the video, yes they are talented....but i can't help but REALLY feel like they are targeted towards a teen audience....and this is not just because of the name. -_-; 

However, i do think i will check them out.

im a music omnivore, i will listen to anything once, but what attracts me is varied, someone could not really sing very well but if they put thier heart into it and you can feel in on the back of your spine, i'll probably be hooked. also depends on what kind of mood im in, do I want to clean, exercise, be soothed or wild out.  don't always have to understand the lyrics but if i hear something prophetic in the words that would attract me as well


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