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Now there hasn't been numerous discussions about how Asian penis is not any smaller than normal. 

That got me curious how large can an Asian penis be?

I have heard them being mostly average (around 5 inches i would say) to slight below/above average. But I have yet to seen or heard any Asians "hung like a horse" like you would see on any porn film with black guys in it... (I would say anything bigger than 8 inches) I was wondering if that was possible?

So if you ladies have seen one of those or you fellas have those giant ding dong, please leave a comment Thank you!

P.S. This isn't to say bigger the better. I myself am not hung like a horse (6.5 inches) yet perfectly capable of having my partner reach orgasm. I was just wondering if it was possible for an Asian to have such a large penis like other race.

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I have not come across any Asian men who were hung like horses. Most I've seen have been average. Having said that, I do not have a size preference and some of the best sex I've had had been with average sized Asian men.

Oh thanks for replying. this wasn't to say that big penis is better by any means. I have slight bigger than average penis and my partner and i'm perfectly fine with it. I was just curious whether it was possible for asians to have such a large penis

hahaha that's funny. Actually I have been noticing that even in Asia, different types of Asians will feel superior against another Asians, for example, Koreans would think they are bigger than Chinese and vice versa lol. how big was the Chinese guy? lol

haha i agree i heard the thickness does more job than the length does on some women

I've been with an Asian guy before and he was 7.5, I think that nowadays the assumption that all Asian men are not well equip should be thrown out the window. Plus as you said bigger is not necessarily better, but it is possible. 

Well, personally I've never met one who's hung low but i heard that very few is. D: an acquaintance of mine is tiny, but he knows how to use it well. (A friend of mime told me lol) i think Asians with large penises are normally mixed with another race, for example, a gay friend of mine almost had sex with a guy who's both white and asian mixed, who's huge by 8 in. Give or take. I for one think that it aint bout the size, it's how you use it. Do it well, my beautiful asian men ;D

The Asian guy I was with is a pure breed and even though he was born here both of his parents are Chinese. I guess it depends on the guy to be honest, but as you rightly said it's not about the size. 

It's possible for Asians to have big penises but somewhat rarer. From the Asian women I know there is apparently very little difference between whites and asians, with the crown for biggest going to black men lol. There are asians who are 9 inches plus. However, they are usually SE Asian, like Thai or Vietnamese, and more often than not gay. I'm serious when I say this. There are several really big Asians in porn but not straight ones. A lot of my gay friends agree too. On gay average gay men are bigger so it stands that gay asian men will also be bigger than their straight counterparts. In Thailand there's a whole subculture devoted to big dicked people, and they're not mixed either. For example, most of the asian men in western porn are from Vietnam and Thailand. East Asians guys can be big too, but less so than SE Asians from what I've seen. The differences between different ethnicities is often exaggerated anyway. An average penis is more than enough to satisfy anyway. 

Mine is the biggest, one inch long. :D Love can conquer all. No use for endless empty talk! I just need the objective academic study about the reality and then so what? Is there such an academic objective study?

well well. Interesting topic here. I have no idea about Asian men...yet but I will say this.Blacks have such huge cocks you'll be left wondering whether someone carries it for two people.haha. anyway, I don't mind a 6 inches whatsoever. provided that it's hard enough to give me a good time. Besides, if foreplay can give me an orgasm,why worry myself sick? my clit is so big I get an orgasm by just a rub. yes. I don't husstle much for an orgasm. So, 6 inch or not..let the cock be HARD ENOUGH because that's what my clit loves. And you should have the strength to fuck me hard. I loooove men who fuck hard. that's it. Peace

<Blacks have such huge cocks you'll be left wondering whether someone carries it for two people.haha.> I GUESS SO BUT THIS IS JUST "MY GUESSING." CAN YOU GIVE ME AN OBJECTIVE MEDICAL STUDY ON HUMAN PENIS SIZE? OTHERWISE, IT IS NO USE TALKING ENDLESS EMPTY TALK.


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