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How many of you have on your bucket list of things to do before you die: sleep with a man/woman of every ethnic group? I have a few male friends who have made it their mission before 30 to do this. What do you think about this? If you found out the person you were dating had this goal what would you do?

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I think your friends have too much on their hands and needs a bit growing up there. Plus it's slightly impossible for them to do that.

It is a noble goal. ;)  


My record is poor by the way. I have only been with Chinese women/girls and white American women so far and only two continents. But I did it in more than two continents. Does that count?

Hmmm. Not really  ;-)

lol They won't succeed. I hope they don't catch anything or get someone pregnant while doing this quest. :/

If someone I was dating was doing this, I think I'd stop dating him of course.

i haven't.  wasn't interested in white wimmens.  but i've knocked out a few countries in the caribbean, LOL. 

I would side eye the crap out of him.  What sort of adult has that for a goal?  And even if that were a man's secret desire, he certainly shouldn't share it because I would always wonder if he were with me simply because I were a check mark off of his list.

when i was in my younger years, i (along with many ignorant college age greek men) had the goal of sleeping with someone from every pan sorority.  i got two of the four.  ALAS.

That's a 50% success rate and you are bemoaning that?  I'm going to need for you to recalibrate.  Lol. 

Seriously though, in context of this discussion, I am referring to an adult man with these base goals.  What kind of man would engage in this sort of behavior?  And, what kind of woman would want that kind of person to be her mate, share her life and body, potentially father her progeny?  Whew.

My goal would be to make babies with at least one girl of every race!


Of course, I recognize many "races"...East African, West African, North African, Arabic, East European, Mediterranean, Nordic, East Asian, light South Asian, white South Asian, dark South Asian, black South Asian, Maylays, Filipinas, Polynesian, white latina, black latina, mestiza....

Do it man. Don't just talk; do it.  :)


A practical suggestion. Go to sperm back of different countries and donate to the local sperm bank. That's a legal and non-financial binding way of doing it. lol

Actually there is an "impregnorium" community, where people (men and women) are into knocking up women (or being knocked up). It is really hot. Read the real life stories. Some of them are hott.


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