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How many of you have on your bucket list of things to do before you die: sleep with a man/woman of every ethnic group? I have a few male friends who have made it their mission before 30 to do this. What do you think about this? If you found out the person you were dating had this goal what would you do?

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I think she meant to say "we're all pink inside!"

Im cool with that idea cuz theres nothing wrong with a lil experimenting....its a lil weird but wtv

If my partner wanted to do that i wouldnt mind either as long as he wont try to do that while were toghether and also only if im CERTAIN that he wont be unfaithful to me and vise versa..

but im pretty sure these things dont come to mind when your in love, or at least in a serious relationship w sm1

It is man's natural instinct, wanting to spread his genes. Nothing wrong with that.

You do realize that there are ONLY 4 RACES recognizable in the world and about 30-35 subcategories.  So, at the most, the man who does this has sex with no more than 40 women in his lifetime.  The problem is WHY has he done this?  If it's simply because he is a fetid creature with nothing more to do in life, c'est la vie and hope he gets that off of his bucket list. 


Any woman should question what type of man he is, is he some sort of fetishist who only wants to screw her because of the color of her skin and harbors some sort of hate for her race and by screwing her it is for debasement.  Or does he want to screw her because she is NOT his race and he has some secret hate of his own?  And, finally, the least nefarious of reasons -- he's simply a horny bastid and simply doesn't care what he sticks it in.  It's not about being holier than thou, it's about what is base.  Men screw women all the time because of attraction, but what's being suggested here is not attraction, it's a plan to screw based on a bucket list.  I know I wouldn't want to be on some man's To Do List just for the hell of it.    If a man's raison d'etre is to screw a chick simply based on her race, perhaps he is no better than the slave masters who wanted to screw their black slaves simply because they could and they were different.  


Regardless, it's really not that serious.   I don't get why people are all up in their feelings about it.  LOL

I don't think anyone has a "to-do" list. But most people are curious and wanting to explore, and that is not a bad thing.

I've completed that many years ago if it's black, white, Asian, and Hispanic/Latina. I've never been with a full Native American or full South Asian/Middle Eastern; they were always mixed with something else.

This is so wrong in so many ways .. what kind of friends do you have to set a goal to have sex with every race ?? .. get your priorities right .. playing with someone emotions because of your undeveloped mind set is just sad. #getyourmindright

Hmmm... you'd better eat a lot of eggs.

I am not sure I agree with that and I be upset if I found the guy i was dating had a list like that, I do not have a preference when it comes to dating any male so I would want the same when it came to the guy I was dating

I believe if that's what turns'em on then get paid because why allow one's self to used like toilet paper, getting a wet ass and nothing to show for it! I'd rather have a real man to give my goodies to that just being on this kind of mission! Like I told my sons you can get sex 24/7 but to make love is an art! Sex is cheap but to be made love to or to make love is awesome!


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