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So how many of you guys have actually dated black women, and how many of you ladies have dated Asian men?

From talking to people on this site and on many different Asian male/black women/white women/Hispanic women facebook pages, it seems like *many* (NOT ALL, I KNOW SOME OF US HAVE) of the people on the sites have not dated whatever the theme is.  Seems like there is just an interest in Asian men, maybe due to all the Korean/Japanese dramas, K/J pop, and of course anime otakus/nerds.  I also get the feeling a lot of Asian guys are on these different forums (AGAIN NOT ALL OF YOU GUYS) just to get attention.   Does anybody else feel that way?  

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I spent a lot of time in LA too.  One of my best friends lives there and I also spent quite a few weekends with a lady there last year.   How is LA different when it comes to dating in your opinion?  

I have dated Asian men before... Honestly they were some of the best relationships I've been in. There will always be an interest on everyone when it comes to dating other nationalities some will admit it some won't.
I am completely agree with you same there one of the relation Ive been with

I've dated a Tibetan man before and that relationship was pretty interesting. It wasn't that bad since I've been in interracial relationships before. I've always had an attraction to men of different races and my attraction to Asian men, started way before I became an otaku in high school and a jpop/kpop kdrama fanatic in college. 

I dated Asian men long before I discovered the whole Kpop phenomenon or Kdramas and all that. I grew up in a predominantly Vietnamese neighborhood and went to school with a very diverse group of people. I've dated literally someone from every race, I am more interested in a genuine connection than a specific race. 

My very first boyfriend was an Asian boy...I'm saying boy because we were very young at the time. I don't think I was even 18 yet. His family was from Cambodia but have long since resided in Canada. it was a long distance  thing. Me and him got together out of mutual interests and we were always talking and joking together. I wasn't looking for an Asian fact I had crush on a mutual friend between the two of us back then and he was not Asian(my old crush has since become homosexual, turn of events forreal lol)

Anyways back to that asian boy; It ended because..again we were so young and there was really no meetin' up in sight for a while..the distance proved to be a huge mountain in the relationship. I've had 4 other relationships since then, 2 of which were asian men. Each guy totally different from the last.

I still have no clue exactly how it happened that way..he kinda just causally asked me. I didn't plan on it.didn't expect it either. I was never opposed to asian men..and never drawn only to an asian man...

an attractive guy was just an attractive guy to me, didn't matter what color he was and what features he had lol. If we could communicate on some mutual interests and share some ideas and conversations without losing each other then cool! if it's sports, art, cars, anime or the infamous 'round here: korean dramas and kpop, whatever it is.

i think people eventually just looking for someone to connect to. I ain't worrying about what people are here for anymore. I'm gonna call  "ain't no such thing as bad publicity" at least while being here you get to learn a lot about asian men and black women. facts and myths...where as before were did we have such a place to voice stuff like this.
i.e. anybody who came here looking for that G-Dragon soon found out celebrities stay celebrities, no matter what race, don't expect to find a carbon copy. let them pop in with whatever...they gon' learn today.

Lisa I love your response and couldn't have said it better myself! Lol
I've dated a Japanese, Cambodian and 2 Indians. But I've also dated other men outside my race and married and divorced a Latino. Hands down I truly enjoyed being on a relationship with an Asian was fun and relaxed and romantic.

Fast forward to me being on this site....not sure how many of the Asian men are interested in pursuing more than a friendship however. I hope there are because i'm interested.

I do have a question... How do Asian men feel about divorced women especially if there are children in the picture?

I have always been looking for the right lady. no matter what race. True i have a predisposed fondness for chocolate but aside from that I am more interested in a womans heart and mind. I have Kids myself and I dont trip on that. 

Thanks for sharing this. I always wanted to know more about how divorced women with kids cope. It can be a little intimidating for a guy to flirt or bring anything romantic up with a woman in that situation because it seems like with such responsibility at stake the guy better know what he's about. Actually I was raised by a woman in that situation :) but it's much different from my perspective now.

Shay, I'm with you on that last sentence. I just did a discussion post somewhat discussing that, as that's pretty much me. I would say if the guy is mature he'll understand that things happen in life. When you find women/ men at least 30 many times they've been married and has child(ren) That's just apart of life.

I was with a black woman for 12 years and she is the mother of my 4 kids


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