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Religions are not only meant to organize great fancy wedding ceremonies, it also goes with the couple their entire lives, even if both doesn't share the same beliefs!!

It IS NOT a detail, even tough there may have love, how can you live by the idea your God is needed to lead a meaningful (after)life and know that your spouse is indifferent to that or thinking differently?

How about the education of the children you may have together? 



I'm asking you this because I personally feel I'll be greatly affected if the person who's with me didn't believe in Jesus christ or refuse to recognize that he needs His help to go through life.

As we may also be together for eternity, if we wish for it

and as i wish him the best...(lol in other words, I 'll try to convince him.)


Are you really fine with him/her having different beliefs? When you'll marry??


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I personally choose to be a spiritual philosopher...

My Past: My parents are Buddhist (the Khmer type), but they put me in a Morman Church and a Catholic Private school for a year all at the same time. I've also did the Christian thing as a Baptist right before I was incarcerated. So Buddhism, Mormanism, Christianity, and Catholicism led me to Alcoholism, lol.

Once I was incarcerated and looking at my life, blaming God for the hands I've been dealt, I started studying the Bible, Koran, and a lot of text from all the major religions. I found them to be historically people controlling mechanisms. I started going to A.A. and it led me to the thinking of a Higher Power. In one place I saw people from many religions getting along and solving some of their own spiritual problems because they didn't concentrate on religion but on their own individual spirituality. It opened my eyes to what is possible. I took Philosophy and read more and more about people and how each one got through to their lives. I found problems with each religion, all the text, and the followers and interpretations. It got real political.

So I started taking my own inventory of my own relationship with life started changing, and I have to say, I've been very blessed and fortunate at a lot of things. So what I conceive of myself today about religion is two fold. One, people get emotional over their beliefs because it's fundamentally faith based rather than reason based. I am going to copy and paste what I said in another discussion (about "what if" your partner having a different religious belief) to round this out...

[[ Personally, it's not going to be on me if "we" can be together. It's going to be on her, so as long as her belief's make her a better person, she can pray to a pole for all i care. I take a philosophical and spiritual path, but it's mine to walk, no one else's. I also believe we all have our own personal beliefs when it comes to God anyway, even though some like to congregate and "act" like they are believing the same thing – we spit out our own religious facts for one another just to get some hi fives on Sunday, I’ve seen this happen in churches I’ve been in all the time. Fellowship is cool, but a relationship with just a fine human being is just as good, and your own relationship with God is great.

In the end, I personally think it is better to take the objective view, or we will eventually bicker over beliefs, and go to what I call "when butt heads, butt heads" mode. If you believe your faith is more important than the one you love, then so be it, if it's the other way around, then, there you go!

I am left with a Philosophical View, and I do the spirituality thing. Fortunately, I believe that anyone can believe anything they want, so as long as they believe in something and themselves. I have the benefit of not getting into any conflicts because I claim nothing but a belief in God. For me, that is enough. I don't need a church to pray in the morning and at night. To do the right thing by weighing moral or ethical measures and what I think and feel is right.

I heard it said, "Religion are for those who fear hell, Spirituality is for me, because I've been though Hell already."

I think in the end, anybody can believe anything. (This is a logical fact, beliefs are founded on two premises, logic or faith.) If we just keep this in mind, I think we would be more tolerant. It's easier to take into account the variety if we just consider philosophically and rationally that each person chooses, or accepts what they believe. We are left asking the question about the other like: did so-and-so learn what they believe from family, friends, research, or just intuition. In the end, does it matter, because they are going to believe what they believe (chosen or mindlessly accepted). Sometimes, beliefs are so interwoven to one's identity that to question a belief, is to attack the person themselves, and then it gets ugly. ]]

Now if you read through all this, I tip my hat to you. This discussion must really mean something in your life. The second fold is this...everyone's belief is valid because it determines who you are dealing with and how they view their own existence, reality, and identity.

So I stand by taking what works from every religion because spirituality comes form looking for common ground...we are all going to die one day anyways, and I want to be alright with my beliefs when I the spiritual commonality I found that works for me are...Christianity's truth, forgiveness, inventory, and confession. Islam's moment to moment reminder of God's relationship with the self, and worldly sacrifice to get closer to God. Buddhism's outlook that all life is suffering, and that it is our own desire that produces it, and righteous mind to righteous act. Philosophy's questioning of truths (relative and absolute), ethics (moral dilemmas), and the interaction between self, beliefs, and others. I am not going to play that my religion is better than your's game, it's dumb. I've delved into enough for myself to see the true colors of what might be human nature looking for power, control, purpose, and motivation for our own lives. Spiritual people bring together ALL, religious people separate ALL, and in the end, separation brings destruction...we must tolerate each other.

I am about bringing people together...because in the end...God knows I'm fucked up too.
Well the guy I'm dating is Buddhist and I'm Christian (Catholic) and it does not bother me. I go to church (not even a Catholic church, a non denominational church) on occasion and I strongly believe in Jesus Christ and God. I hated when other Christians pressured me to come to church etc., so I won't do that to him. If we got married and had kids, I would want them to learn both our beliefs and if he agrees with this I'm fine. I'll still pray for everyone regardless of what they believe in because God hears when people pray for others. Also, both of my parents were raised Christian and my father has not been to church in my entire life, or more, other than weddings and funerals. I heard his mom often spanked him to say his prayers at night. He might as well have had a different religion. Like V said, I'm more spiritual than religious, but since I grew up Catholic and spent many years in Catholic school, that's what I naturally gravitate to.
Really I never saw this subject even when i dweled into the archives, my bad.
Concerning your views, you're both spiritual, thinking that it is better to simply choose to believe in what reunificate all denominations. And be open to all the philosophies which may lead to God.

Recently I switched from this point of view to this one; even though there is one and only God, the same worshiped by all religions, I want to believe in the idea that there is a messenger of God, His son and that we must adress ourselves to Him because we're being tested and we cannot already go to God and directly speak to Him.

BUT I know that once you're a believer you can't be driven by hathred or pride so any compairisons or acusations must be forbidden.

But that being said it is still hard to avoid conflicts if for instance he's a polytheist....It would be hard not to criticize his beliefs, or not to be affected by the idea that he may be wrong. But it is true that marrriage is meant for this life only.

Concerning the children, I think it is good to guide them and showing them how they are divinely loved and cared for, how they are blessed. But without overdoing it. Because even tough they follow a belief, when the time they'll be able to make their choices come, they won't do it for their parents, but as independant individuals.
Why did God make Satan?
Why didn't God see that coming?
Why does God allow Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Crippled People, Rape, and Murder to exist? 9/11? Is a cross an Idol? Would the Bible an Idol? How are you sure that God wrote the Bible? Are we all made His image?
If God wanted Man to live forever, why didn't God just make it so? Who put that in God's mouth to say He wanted that? Who died to give us the Bible? You used scripture from the Bible to say that the Bible is all true, isn't that kind of circular reasoning? If our fates are destined and known by God, then even our sin is His fault, is it not? God made Adam and Eve, and God made Satan, but you said God knew this was all coming, so God is sending people to Hell that God HimSelf made, so he created man to send to Hell??? That doesn't jive right with me for some reason.

Oh no, I am sorry to hear that you had a mental condition. If you believe that God got you through it, then, hey, who am I to say.

My Girlfriend is heavy in the church and she believes in Jesus and all that. I am a Philosopher, I believe in God, but not in religion, I am more Spiritual. I sent you here to read over my views, but you obviously haven't. But it's great that you can answer these fundamental questions that I have. It's like everything you have answered though, seems to be circular and doesn't prove anything to be true. The only that had any weight to me was your own experience, which is relevant but not enough of a whole picture. Let's delve more. Keep answering, and Thank You.
He did...we screw that you have to work harder for...forever.
I don't see any of that in the Bible, maybe your interpretation is different from mine, and you didn't answer any of the questions. :(
No Tiffanie, You dominated this discussion. I am the one who began the questioning, and others saw some validity in the argument. The point, if you read the main page is to be tolerant. Just know that your views can be questioned because everyone, Christian or not deserves a voice. I feel that you may be doing this out of Love, so I respect your view and your heart. But you must and will respect others also. We play very fair here.

I was about to face prison again a couple of weeks ago, and I feel that my faith God gave me a pass from it. So in essence, someone had my back, and it's none other than God in my view. However, I am not a Christian, so does that make your belief better than mine? No.

To Joy, Well, I am a faithful man to my woman and I don't exactly fear God. I am in a LDR and I stick it through on the basis of principle and who I am. You said... What will make him practice self control or even help him forgive me if I hurt him? I've seen how you treat people sometimes, and what did you do as a Christian to hurt your man??? Anyways, you both have a right to your views. I will protect your views as well as others so as long as they are not too offensive.

Keep it fair, but it doesn't have to be clean.
I am going to give my response then go back and read evryone else. I completely understand where you are coming from my parents are both ministers and Chrisitianity is the only way for me all i know is GOD Jesus, prayer, faith, greater love! I practically live at church as many times I'm there a week lol

However i have dated guys with "no religion" and I can see myself marrying someone who isn't Christian or a different kind of Christian because I'm pentecostal but just not Muslim I'm sorry but I just can marry a Muslim. I respect them just can't get wit it. I still love Lupe Fiasco tho and it is because of his faith I am stronger in mines. ( another long note mayb some other time)

Paul speaks in Corinthians how it is ok to marry someone who is not of the same faith as you because you are the example in their life that just might convince/change/ convert them. Now hold on because i do have an issue with trying to change people and i find that a man who is devouted in his faith no matter what it is is sexy because it shows me his strength, and devotion. it shows me his values and well those are qualities that are needed to raise a family. And I would so love to see how the wedding is going to be like do we incorporate both religions or have two seperate weddings. I'm just curious and anxious about the whole thing so uh yea as long as we both agree to be openminded and respectful and teach the children the same I have no problem marrying someone of a different religion.

ok i am going to look up the scripture and post it please don't let me forget! lol
Found it!

1 corinthians 7:12But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

13And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him.

14For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

15But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

I woulod be happy to hear everyone take on this!


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