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I am hoping we can learn and benefit from one another. Of course anyone is welcome to comment that might help these crazy and lonely people lol that choose this lifestyle. Even if ur committed or use to be single. And please do list things u havent or wanna try. Some of these things i have done even while in a comitted relationship btw. Mind you this is when i had a life lol. I will continue to do this. NO MATTA. Hopefully we can help the ones feeling complacent, lonely or even the bored couple.

Me personally. I get into to new hobbies, stay busy and not complacent. Keep a healthy lifestyle. I keep various notes either on my celly or real notepad to attempt to stay organized. And most importantly always always keep an open mind and look for opportunity for fun.

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Yep keep busy...I go to the gym 2-3 times per week....take some Taekwondo classes...hold bowling, movies and game nights with some personal dancing session at the gym...pretty much find things you love doing and have neglected and go on with them...there is a lot one can do with some free time!!!...or pick up extra hours from work and make more money!!!
Thanks for sharing guys. Theres some that i just picked up and im happy i can give out some of my experiences for inspiration.

Veronica i heard u can travel to space somewhat or gravity free at least. U need to contact the Russians. The ride itself is in the millions i heard lol...Its definitely possible though. Let me know i wanna join ya :p
Me and my friends played kickball a few weekends ago. Oh and played some Nerf dart tag. I forgot how badass nerf guns used to be...and they have better and bigger guns nowadays.
Kickball is hella fun. Its hard rounding up ppl to play it seems :(

I agree chris, working can help and even find potential dates as well sometimes lol. Just being out and about doing something always helps the mind and heart...

I miss school saveme. I wouldnt mind taking up some more courses on even anything random.

It could be something u dont enjoy that can be a blessing in disguise.
ME too SHanise lol.
I might have to try the church thingy. But it might be for another reason ;p
I don't really consider it a lifestyle, it's just a day to day thing for me that's more and more becoming second nature. I think it's hitting me harder that the summer is coming up and this is the time you'd enjoy most with a significant other and I probably will not but dealing with that. Spending time with friends helps me a lot.
friends help indeed.
Good luck on ur graduation. AT least ur occupied w/school. Thats keeping ur mind occupied.

(I just decided to browse through old threads out of boredom) This is a very old thread, but still a good one to add to.

What keeps me busy is:

-Hanging out with good people
-Exploring places in my area I have yet to venture to
-Finding new places to get good grub
-Watching dramas or animes
-Working out
-Traveling (Been to Canada 1 time and Japan 3 times)
-Studying languages (currently studying Japanese, but have more in mind)
-Dance practice
-Day dreaming (lol)
-Keeping a diary/journal
-Playing with my feline (name is Bella)
-Watching movies (I have a pretty awesome DVD collection)
-Hobby photography (add my instagram/Eyeem account if you look photography @NajaSAKAii)
-Concert hopping (I went to a Disturbed concert in Seattle as well as a GACKT concert in Japan last year, 2 yrs prior I went to GACKT's Moon Saga part 2 play. in March I went to a SHINee concert in L.A. and in April went to a Miyavi concert in Seattle. In July I'll be going to a G-Dragon concert in Seattle waaay to stoked for that!)

What I want to do more of is:
-Travel (got many places in mind to go like Singapore, Hong Kong, places in Ireland or Scotland, even Austrlia)
-Read more, I fell off of reading and need to get back on track
-Work out more (got a tad bit lazy after being sick for a while)
-Eat more good food
-And will probably add more hobbies down the line



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