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To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

This question is directed towards Asian men out of curiosity.

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Make sense to me. With that being said, race is not an issue with me, but I like to ask questions. You see, some women don't like to ask about previous relationships. However, the way I see it is, you can learn a lot from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others.

Right I especially liked it when u mentioned that people have 2 grow as a team ur right good point I wish more people had that


If you mean physically, I think the most beautiful/aesthetically pleasing African women are from Ethiopia or Eritrea.  They just have great genetic diversity in that entire region.

As far as personality, smart, thoughtful, family oriented, kind... you know, the perfect woman.

Interesting Linh, however I notice that when it comes to diversity, on some occassions it is a taboo. Nonetheless, I wanted to know besides physical attributes, what attractions are there. For example, strength, additude, history what interests do you have of our culture? Just curious.

It's mainly physical attraction for me. I think you find the same types of women across all cultures and backgrounds since most people around the world generally want the same things - comfort, security, love, etc.

Sounds good Daniel thanks for your answer.


Our Mission (Tenative)

***To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

***To be tolerant of all views of all members on this site.m (Suffering and disagreements are part of life people.)

***Respect all religious, spiritual, and agnostic views of it's members.

***To be more accepting than exclusive, yet hold the right to remove those that harm others.

*Freedom of speech, thought, and heart are placed if they are based on the foundation of truth and don't injure others (in the defined form of physical, proprietorial, or financial harm). Debate, heated or otherwise are allowed, for it is the persons involved that must deal with the emotional or mental "suffering," if any.

****P.S. Learn how to take a joke, and identify the intent of the people which you are talking to.  You are responsible for yourself, your own responses, reactions, and giving power to yourself and others over you.  Be accountable, don't play victim all the time.  These are still people, some people are up front, others hide behind their profiles.  Don't make personal issues site issues, if you take off your clothes on skype or in real life and bicker about it on Bwamu...guess what, it's a personal issue.  Grow up.

***All that is needed for membership is the support of the movement, and active participation by all!




 If you would like to see certain changes or want to try out to be an admin...write out in bullet text what can be changed, policies, and or site enhancements.  Then write a short essay on what you think the site mission is and how we get there.



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