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Super curious about this because of spoken to some friends and they say at first they were never intrested in AM/BW till such and such happened. So have you always been intrested in AM/BW? Was it a relationship that just kind of grew on you? Or was it experiance from dating other races that you found out (or maybe found out) this is the type of relationship you wanted?

Sorry if there I a thread already made or similar to this but hey, here's another on for those curious about this also lol. Happy New Year btw everyone ^^

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My mothers’ best friend was Korean and she owned a clothing store and her husband worked in the hospital where my mom worked so….. even though there’s not a real big asian population in my city, most of them live or have businesses in or around black neighborhoods. Mostly Korean, Chinese, Syrian.  And there are some Japanese are coming into the main city which is a lot safer than living way out in “wrong-turn” country LOL!!

I've always been interested in Asian culture since I was a kid. Then, after seeing "Yellow Fever" by Wong Fu Productions, I really started wondering why I rarely saw any AMBW couples. I see BMAW couples more often. So, I'm all for mixing it up!

once upon a time I had a crush on a guy in high school ( one of many ) ...he just happened to be asian yea Peter was my 1st asian crush ...then next month it was on a white guy then after that a black guy or was it latino ? lol oh well

I work at a University in the Engineering dept. There are Asian men everywhere. I never noticed. Then one day I noticed. And then the next day I really noticed ;)

nice!!!! there are more of us!

Not so many black people in Australia? I've never been there but that must be suck

I got into the AMBW scene AFTER being married to a bw and having a child. Initially to see if other such mixes actually exist, as we have never met another such couple or this kind of mixed race child before.

I've always been attracted to many different races (Hispanic being the majority that I went with) me being mixed myself (black,bohemian,Irish,and Mexican xp) and this might sound really out there but from the moment I watched the movie Ninja was all Asians and rainbows lol and now my best friend and I are so totally into asian cultures, music, and asian men, that I can tell you what happened in Korea yesterday but I can't tell you what American artist just came out with a song! Lol
Well I never thought I would be attracted to Asian men, I thought asian guys were cute and never
thought that they would even give me a chance but one day I meet this guy online
He was gorgeous, & he liked me for some reason hahaz but ever since then I just been attracted like crazy lol

well, with me being mixed (Jamaican-Chinese w/Jamaican most dominant), i was always more exposed to my ethnic side's culture, so at an early age, i started getting curious about my Asian side. i've been watching anime and hong kong films since i was very young (as far back as i can remember) and i found myself addicted to it. i fell in love with Asian culture and wanted to immerse myself more into it. then, as i got older, i watched an anime called 'Flame of Recca". the part that jumped out at me was that Recca was a ninja and he said that a ninja is sworn to protect and serve his princess. so i got to thinking "i'm a princess. why don't i have my own personal ninja?" soooo, since then, i've been on the search for my personal ninja, not to protect me, but to share life with me ^_^.

that and i've always been attracted to what was different. i saw all the normal same-race couples, and i was like "i don't wanna just go through the motions or just do what society deems 'normal'. i'm not normal, so why should my relationships be? I like asian guys and that's that." lol


The majority of my friends growing up were hmong, I tended to like the same guys that my friends liked. I guess I was just raised too, and my family is pretty open these things so yeah... I've always liked am/bw... before I even knew there was a name for it 

I've always been interested in Asian guys, but I was often told that they didn't like black girls so I didn't really try to talk to any of them. But my Asian boyfriend was the one to actually do the approaching lol I always loved interracial relationships. I dated a black/Hispanic guy before, but that was the extent of my experience. I'm glad for being able to experience this kind of relationship.


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