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Super curious about this because of spoken to some friends and they say at first they were never intrested in AM/BW till such and such happened. So have you always been intrested in AM/BW? Was it a relationship that just kind of grew on you? Or was it experiance from dating other races that you found out (or maybe found out) this is the type of relationship you wanted?

Sorry if there I a thread already made or similar to this but hey, here's another on for those curious about this also lol. Happy New Year btw everyone ^^

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i've always been into black women, since i was young. i dated whoever i felt attraction to like latina, asian, black, etc. growin up i never really took preference to any type of people (except maybe korean girls cuz im korean and korean girls started to annoy me really bad later on). i live in la, cali and we have all types of people here so a lot of times your gonna be around different types of people. a lot of koreans had problems with blacks in my area long time ago cuz of the whole la riot incident cuz so many of our buildings and business were looted and burned down. but thinking about it now i think my parents were pretty open cuz i remember when i was younger we ended up always going down to south central, a predominantly black area, to shop, watch movies, and hang out and we always had a good time. high school was a little weird though for me cuz my experience with black girls was whenever they hit on me they went straight to dirty talking and it was just too extreme for me lol. no offense but those girls were just really ghetto and crazy lol. but i got better experience with black women after high school and got out and i have to say as i got older i think my attraction to black women grew stronger. tbh, im too much of a laid back and silly guy and i've had problems with other girls cuz they expected me to be prince charming and say cute shit all the time and it would not work out cuz im just not that type of guy. with black girls, most of the time i felt like it was easy being myself and be real and i felt more comfortable. i also find them very attractive and more fun to be with.

also i've had experiences in the past where my gf would get angry cuz her male friends made fun of her after they found out she was dating an 'asian' guy. that type of stuff never ever bothered me. whenever we go out i'd go confidently hold her hand and i'd be like yeaahhh this is my beautiful ebonyy queeenn haha. i seriously never gave a shit who said anything cuz im not down for that close minded bs. i've had several funny moments in the past though where black dudes would ask me if thats my girl and i'd say yeah and they'd give me mad props and my girl would roll her eyes like ughhh. hahaha. but yeah, thats my long ass comment lol.

i don't get why most bm get all defensive when they see a bw with an am or any other race but black. i see so many bm/ww, bm/hw, bm/aw couples where i am (alabama) it's practically the norm here. i remember when i was dating a white guy back in high school, some black guy i didn't even know (mind you, his girl was hispanic) came up to us and was like "you know you can't handle her, right". right away, i was like "f**k you. you don't know anything about me, much less how to 'handle' me. who do you think you are". it got pretty ugly lol. so yea, i get where you're coming from with this.

yea, i totally get what you mean by "hard" acting BMs, and those are exactly the kind i don't like. i don't even like when other races play that "ghetto/gangsta" role with me thinking that i'm gonna just succumb to it and date them. that trait in black culture is totally unattractive to me and it really ticks me off when the first pickup line i'm given is "sup, shawty. let me get them digits". whatever happened to "hello, how are you? may ask your name" lol. i mean, it's good to be strong, but overbearing and ghetto/gangsta-wannabe is just awful.


and you know, i feel like it's kind of a double-standard in our culture as well. like, when people see a black man with a white/hispanic/asian woman, it's all good. but when a black woman is with a white/hispanic/asian man, everyone's staring with the big-eyes of disapproval. like, what, are we not allowed to venture out as our male counterparts do?


anyway, thanks for the breakdown, Rich, and in that situation, you handled yourself very well eventhough these guys sounded like they deserved a little "wakeup call" lol.


God Bless.


Having preferences, allows opportunities to pass by you..

I stopped having those at 14...equal opportunist here...

Plus my parents are so open minded it rubbed off....

Wow, its so funny reading some of the posts on this! haha You guys really do know how to make me laugh! All of you! |

For me, my best friend is Asain. So growing up with her, she introduced me to something new that I have never experienced. It was so exciting to try different things and do different things. Everything was out of the norm for me. So that's what first got me. Second, was growing up around Asians. I find AM to be a little of a challenge for me and I like challenging things. Most AM in my town dont really go for BW so I have to be smart and interesting to get the attention. I think its fun. 

i'm open to other options

Hahah love the responses!!!

I took a three-day Korean cinema class during winter break at my school. We watched il Mare, A Bungee Jumping of Their Own and one other movie. The cinematography and story lines were amazing and from there I went on to watch other Asian dramas and movies. Really fell in love with the culture. Then, I started attending lots of cultural festivals and events. I guess I just realized I was attracted to Asian men. I think it's all about exposure honestly and being in a diverse environment where you can meet people of many different races, cultures, and ethnicities. Lots of people asked me if this was a fetish or something and that really frustrated me. I'm allowed to be attracted to whomever he may be and the reasons for my attraction will always differ. 

It started in 1985. I know you probably weren't even born then. But my mom took me to the movies to see this kid flick. And this is when I fell in love with my first Asian boy. He played Data and we were going to get married and spend the rest of our lives inventing things and setting booby traps. 4 years later I was still in love as he helped Dr Jones escape the evil temple. But I didn't actually date a real Asian guy till college. we dated for 3 years. Tae was awesome. He was funny, smart, respectful, giving and he was great with my daughter. Only downfall was he was getting married to a girl back in Korea after graduation. Which he did. And I married my daughter's father. But every year my daughter and I still get brithday and Christmas cards from him. Now I'm semi free and though I date all races I seem to only be attracted to Asian guys.
For me personally I move around alot as kid. I finally settle completely around fourth grade. The sch
The school was mostly a black and asian school with couple Mexicans. I remember my first crush was asian.


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