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I recently just watched this movie called " Sleep Away Camp",and even though it is a cheesy 80's movie I thought that the ending was super creepy.

Just curious if anyone was ever creeped out by a movie?

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Has anyone seen The Audition? Now that is creepy/disturbing!

It's a particular scene, rather than an entire film.  The last scene in "The Blair Witch Project", in which the woman runs downstairs to the basement and sees her friend.  He's standing in the corner with his face to the wall.  She screams and the camera falls to the ground.  A few seconds later, nothing.

Insidious part 1 freaked me out.

Ichi the Killer ... it was gorey, but it was also creepy, the characters had too many screws loose. 

The human centapeid and teeth. Good storyline,still creepy as hell

The 4th kind....very creepy & haunting b/c its based on true events

The Grudge. The way that figure moved was extremely creepy.

The Matyr is was creepy as fuck I was scared and have nightmares for weeks afterwards

Chucky! I hate that crazy movie!

Master of horror: imprint has a good pretty shocking ending like camp sleepaway, maybe moreso.
Steven king IT
Insidious was creepy af


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