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My first crush played in the 1978 HONGKONG martial arts film called Five Deadly Venoms and he played the character Toad. Yeah the movie is way older than me lol but he was my first crush on a Asian and ever since then I likes Asian guys but never attempted lol So guys who was your first crush?

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Celeb crush, Dante Basco. #RU-FI-ohhhhhh

The boy I was told I was going to grow up and marry, of course, Socheat.  My mother's all time besty was from Cambodia.  She lived with us for about a year while going through her divorce.  She was like a second mother to me and tried to convince my parents to give me to her son.  Socheat was a jerk, but I was always told that he was going to be my husband so I started checking him out even though I was only 4 years old.  He got to do all sorts of things while I sat still like a damn statue.  My mama was the one who made him mind.  Wanna know a secret?  SOCHEAT IS MAD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HIS MOM DENIED HIM THE $3,000/MONTH ALLOWANCE AND CAR AND PHONE THAT HE REQUESTED.  SOCHEAT IS A JERK!  JEEEEEEERRRRRRRRK.

My first crush was in fourth grade. It was veitnamese guy. I crush on him all through elementary. I was sad when he move away. He was my best friend :/ lol but yeah after my crush was will pan. He a Chinese singer! He awesome!

Hmm, I had a crush on my friend in elementary school that liked me first, haha. I was way too young to like him in a romantic or lustful way but I liked being around him and my mom used to joke around with me because she'd say we would end up together because he liked me and I liked him. It was all innocent, though.

My first REAL crush, would have to be this guy in middle school. He was so funny and intelligent, which I find really attractive in a partner, and he had a good personality. 

My first BW crush was Aaliyah, from the movie Queen of the Damned.

The way she spoke and moved, damn she was so sexy haha ;)

OMG! mine was Ernie Reyes jr. from the Ninja surfers lol He was also the pizza boy in the Ninja turtles!

I think Bruce Lee might have been my first crush. Sad...I know.

Right now I'm crushing T.O.P and Taeyang from Big Bang

My first crush was Ashely Banks!  Tatyanna Ali! I loved her.  I had a thing for denyse from the cosby show too.

In reality this guy named quan, he's Filipino. Unfortunately, he can't take a joke. One little comment about his penis and we haven't speak to each other in two years.

jet lee.

My First Asian crush was in 5th grade. lol His locker was right next to mine. He was Chinese. omg I liked him so much I would sometimes leave class the same time he would. At the end of the day when we were leaving class to get our backpacks I would hit him with my locker to get his attention. lol I was such a creeper.

My first Asian celebrity was Jackie Chan. Iol

Mine is and still is Lee Min Ho from Boys over Flowers and Faith. I can't even say crush its more on a celeb-love level now. Haha

I think that it was Jackie Chan in his earlier a movie he did called Gorgeous he was just so adorkably charming. I was...probably 10 at the time. I still like that's adorable to me.


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