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To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

 I'm in a relationship and I see my girl every day. So I asked myself why am I here. I've spoke to a couple ladies and had swapped out phone numbers and  even made plans to meet up. However in the process of it all met the young lady I am with now down the street. But I still log on.  I have a certain amount of respect for the women on this site for the simple fact they gave the site a try so for me to pursue them only for sex would be out of pocket.

  I can say a good bit of women I spoke to on here could make this young man loose his religion. But for most part my impression is women are here either for friendship , support or something more meaning full. So I was curious to know about your personal experience. You can say and be anybody you want when typing on a screen. But as the saying goes.... Know one knows where a nose goes behind closed doors. Bc every one kneeling aint praying.

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I like looking at the pictures and talking to the people here. Also i enter relationships with mostly Asia men. 

True love, of course.  I'm on here looking for my wife.

I'm here to meet my counterpart. Someone who can make me interested in what he has to say and who wants to start something beautiful. I'm not looking to fulfill some sex fantasy, I'm looking for something real.

1.Originally I am seeking a kind decent black woman who is willing to help me have a child(ren). 2.Secondarily I may actively support this site in the future if I really get convinced, but not yet. Therefore I am still learning about the site. But I am a very slow learner due to my cultural/social mal-adjustment and poor English/conversational/internet skills.

Well Im here to learn about asian culture and make well as possibly make a love connection!

I just help pay the bills here...other than that...I'm useless. Add that I like the opportunity to meet people here and there.  The people here are all unique and different, who like to take chances and have their own perspective than the average folk.  Most people are stuck in boxes or fearful of judgement, and fit into their little categories neatly, not so for the people here.  Those who fail in places like this don't stick around long enough to find what they want, or figure things out.  There are so many different people here from many walks of life, I've had the fortune to meet many when life allows.  Plus life gets lonely, and people are always on to chat on TC or the main chat.  I like joking around, pushing buttons and seeing how much mettle people have.  Usually they fold, but some are strong and find out how much stronger they are.  This place is a unique meeting place.  People come and go all the time, they come back and go again.  It's just like anything else in life, an experience, opportunity, or for some, torture or another excuse to why they don't meet people they like...forgetting it may be them that may have to adjust and change...which we are all resistant to.  It's a complicated and distinguished place.  Bwam has been around for a LOOOONG time and it keeps on kicking for some reason.  What if wasn't here at all....then'd find something else.  But while it's here, I make the most of it.  But I'm vested, I've seen relationship, long lasting friendships, enemies, friendemies, marriages all spuring from this one spring.  The amount of babies.  We've experienced them all here.  But this is only an additional opportunity...there is still life out there and various places to go and search...especially within yourself. 

^_^ I joined the site originally to meet asian dudes, but now it's more of a place i come to kick back and relax see what is going on with people. 

i joined to meet someone mostly, but that hasnt happened yet sooooo im just gaining friendships right now

I'm here because I like this site, I like being apart of an online community, the people, posts, blogs, events, it gives me something more in my life where I'm not really connected to those around me at the moment. When I first joined (I was so young and naïve and foolish garsh haha)I thought I would meet my soul mate here I was so into it but that didn't happen so I was offline for about 2 years, then I came back because this place felt like home; I would never be alone

I am on this site because I have plenty of experience with asian men.  Love them and I can give some insite from my perspective if anyone cares to hear it.  I also learn a great deal from everyone on this site... this is sooo fun.  Such a time waster, a great distraction, entertainment, etc. etc. etc.  I haven't found a space where i can actually listen to shit I care about even if its nonsense.  I am addicted to being in a yellowish black brownish world. 

I also just recently ended a long term relationship with an asian male... so its time to get out there again.  I do not expect to find my love on here but i certainly will learn whats new.

Hmm. i never thought about from that perspective.. Ithink everyone is looking for something more meaningful in life period.

Back to the subject, i don't know if i have ever looked for anything other than thought provoking conversations, nice people..

I've made some really good friends, that i hope last a lifetime. I grew up with a r'eally good friend in jr.high from laos, i miss her terribly.


My son's really love asian culture although we practice African spirituality. So i don't know if it ever really was a sexual thing.

I mean granted asian men are quite beautiful, but quite frankly outside of the fact that i'm married. I don't think an asian man would be attracted to me, i'm tall , i wear my hair natural and i'm vegan..   So i know it's silly but i don't see what they would ever see in me.. Peace that's my piece.    

Also just a thought to make a common connection.


Our Mission (Tenative)

***To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

***To be tolerant of all views of all members on this site.m (Suffering and disagreements are part of life people.)

***Respect all religious, spiritual, and agnostic views of it's members.

***To be more accepting than exclusive, yet hold the right to remove those that harm others.

*Freedom of speech, thought, and heart are placed if they are based on the foundation of truth and don't injure others (in the defined form of physical, proprietorial, or financial harm). Debate, heated or otherwise are allowed, for it is the persons involved that must deal with the emotional or mental "suffering," if any.

****P.S. Learn how to take a joke, and identify the intent of the people which you are talking to.  You are responsible for yourself, your own responses, reactions, and giving power to yourself and others over you.  Be accountable, don't play victim all the time.  These are still people, some people are up front, others hide behind their profiles.  Don't make personal issues site issues, if you take off your clothes on skype or in real life and bicker about it on Bwamu...guess what, it's a personal issue.  Grow up.

***All that is needed for membership is the support of the movement, and active participation by all!




 If you would like to see certain changes or want to try out to be an admin...write out in bullet text what can be changed, policies, and or site enhancements.  Then write a short essay on what you think the site mission is and how we get there.



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