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what's the worse date you have ever been on? What are some of the major no no's you don't want a guy or girl to do when you are on a date. I know some of us have horror stories! So spill it! we want all the juicey details and then some!

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Worse date ever.... I was asked out to go on a date. I waited for 4 hrs....

called him, and he said  "Oh, I forgot... I was just joking"  I was mad. Who setups dates and times and JOKES about it? So my worse date was thinking I was on a REAL date but ended up getting stood up and the whole thing was a joke.

-_- he didn't like me after that lets just say......

Its not, and experiences like that makes me not want to really try at all for future dates but.... not every person is an idiot but it really makes you aware of the  different kinds of people out there :P

lol yeah I agree with you 100% ,  but man oh man... just thinking about it still does strike a nerve... not a very pretty one as well. oh well, hopefully karma will catch up to him :)

I have never been on a date in my life. Some noteworthy no no's would be showing up late or not showing up, not paying attention or constantly on cell phone, talking and asking about exes, complaining a lot, expecting to hookup and/or awkward silences. 

When I was in high school I went on a date with a junior (I was a senior) we went to Starbucks because it was casual. His parents came in with him and went and had their own date AND I had to pay for his stuff!

That's really awkward. His parents didn't pay ... ? 

Nope, his parents had said since I was older and had a job, that I had to.

Omg I love it!!! After that I never called him again.

It was that time and I was so tired. And I couldn't eat when we went out for dinner afterwards.

He thought I wasn't enjoying myself.... but I didn't know how to explain at that time in my life. Also, it takes guys a long time to be mature. 

He wanted me to try the cake he ordered, but I felt so sick.... he spoon fed me anyways. I pretend nothing was wrong but I hated it. Only made me feel worse.

Other than that he didn't know what was going on your side, he was like a gentlemen. What happened after? 

Worst date ever was a month ago me and this guy were suppose to meet for dinner then a movie but he was an hour late i text to see what was happening never got a response so I was half way home before he responsed, so I turned around and went back to meet him only to have him to being waith with three of his friends who followed us the whole time we were out on  our supposed date. They over talked me and keep nagging about did I have single friends I could call to come meet us. I go so tired of it I just left


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