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Would you rather be hurt with the truth, or spared your feelings and lied to?

For Lexus and her little buddy! People, answer the title discussion...let the lies begin!


Since everyone is answering that they want the truth, and I am searching more for the people who didn't answer...

How about the question in reverse???

Would you rather lie to someone to spare their feelings, or would you give them the glaring truth???

(While we all go back and forth between both extremes, I choose the hurtful truth, because you can feel things are wrong and not fix them.  Only one way changes the world.)

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Kara, a lot of times, people think the truth is DRAMA. I am in deep agreement, Truth is more important.
If the outcome is the same, then sometimes being lied to is the gentler and more compassionate option.
James, could you give me a few scenarios where the outcome would be the same and that maybe telling a lie is more compassionate?
It is humiliating for your bf/gf to tell you they want with you because they found someone else, or even worse, that they are gay/lesbian. I think its better to let them down gently in these cases as the outcome is the same regardless.
I'd opt for the truth in both of those scenarios. There is a distinction to me between "finding someone else," or really "looking for someone else." If a person found something or someone else, there were some lies involved way before that act began. If something is wrong in the relationship, people should state it instead of wasting the other one's time. This is true in both of those scenarios, even the gay or lesbian case. People should share that they might have those tendencies, because people just don't wake up gay or lesbo. The outcome is the same in which to break up, correct? So if we apply a universal or categorical imperative to it, then it's okay to break up with someone and give no reason or truthful accounting of feeling?
Ronica... I'm sorry, you are dying...that's why I am here. I guess there are times you feel that total honesty is essential, and other times not. I guess there may be two factors, your ability to be honest, and the other ability to take honesty.
Neisha, I'm not sparing shit! lol
Maria, give me when it's a good time to lie and how you would do it. Tell me the lies you tell yourself! Tell me! (The paradox here is I am asking for the honesty of lies...I just noticed that.)
I think by the point she has her head shaved the guy should be happy she survived and is going through chemo, and realize that this is only temporary. I think he should just reassure her that she's getting better if she's concerned about her looks.
That's my wife, she may be dying, It would bother me, and I would tell her! I'd be kissing her bald head til then, but I wouldn't lie. If she looks like she should be sliding down a bowling alley instead of walking around, I'd say it. Push it to the extreme so it can be funny.
I want you to be straight and to the point. I don't like liars and I like giving people my own opinion even if it hurts them. Most of my friends call me a jerk just for the simple fact. Yeah, I stick to the truth. I may lie to my ma though. LOL I don't want to be spared. Don't waste my time.
Pisces!!! @ Swtcheibabii


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