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Would you rather be hurt with the truth, or spared your feelings and lied to?

For Lexus and her little buddy! People, answer the title discussion...let the lies begin!


Since everyone is answering that they want the truth, and I am searching more for the people who didn't answer...

How about the question in reverse???

Would you rather lie to someone to spare their feelings, or would you give them the glaring truth???

(While we all go back and forth between both extremes, I choose the hurtful truth, because you can feel things are wrong and not fix them.  Only one way changes the world.)

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Hurt me with the truth. Cuz the truth a set me free. I'd tell the truth because lying only makes it worse.

Truth always
I would definately rather be hurt with the truth.

Truth all the way, I was lied to for years and when I found out the truth... I was glad I was finally told it. The lies hurt way more than the truth. Lying is the fasted way to get on my bad side. Just be honest and open from the get go.

Honesty is the best policy! I want to be told the truth because lies are a waste of time. I also would tell ppl the truth (in a delicate manner) Hey! Not everybody can handle it but there's no denying it, so they'll have to face the truth sometime. I'm a "rip the bandaid off" type of girl

"I want to truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

You can't fix or work on things if you do not talk about them. If you begin hiding things it will eventually become a habit that you do without thinking. You are not born a pathological liar. It begins by trying to spare someone's feelings or avoid the consequences of your actions. If you truly care for someone you will talk things through and express things that bother you.

The truth is like the sun you can't stop it from rising so why waste precious time trying to accomplish the impossible?one way or another it will come out,its just a question of knowing how to present that truth without been too blunt or coming across as heartless because personally that's what I'd do.

I pick the truth! Sometimes I get scolded by my friends because I dont know how to be anything else but brutally honest.  I expect the same in return. 

I would rather be told the truth and be pissed or hurt then move on, then to be lied to and find out the truth later and be twice as pissed or hurt!!!

I don't believe that there is a clear cut answer for this. If I had to pick, I would choose the truth because that's something everyone wants to know, and even if its hurtful or painful, you know the real story not the fake.

What would you do in this situation? Your loved one is in the hospital, he/she is very sick. The doctor calls you over and tells you that they only have 3 days left. Would you tell them or would you lie? IDK how to answer this question. It really depends on my partner and how well she will be able to take it.


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