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You allowed the person you were talking to to see the contents of your cellphone?

You allowed your BF / GF all your emails and passwords to all your site accounts?

If your life was on Cam each and every moment of the day besides the obvious bathroom and private breaks?

;) Thanks Barbie, Ken, Anna, and Merenda for the forwarded texts -giving me the idea for this thread!


(As for me, pretty much all my info about me and my past and views for the future are in the open - either on this site or facebook. [I hide nothing...if it's about me, just ask.]   If it was my passcodes and such are hers as well as mine.  If we ever break up, I know how to change my passwords.  I wouldn't mind a camera following me, but I need a break from it to spend special times with my friends and family - because I would go through with it, doesn't mean they would.  My cellphone is also open, and my number is on my FB and here.  I don't answer stray calls without there being a text first, and I don't control what others say to me.  I control what I say back, and because I can pretty much explain and control what I say, well...hey- that's just me.  My integrity is worth a lot, and if I am wavering, undecided, or have a dilemma, people usually know about this too.  For me it's all about clarity and giving people REAL choices by Providing TRUTH.  What's the point of getting to know each other when you really don't get to know each other - but their representatives.  If I fear how others see me, then by core, I fear what I see in thus, it's a mark for change.)     

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could you write a little louder, i cant hear you.

Don't got no secrets.
At least not any I'm hiding in my comp or cell.
And I'm not doing anything scandalous for the hidden cameras to catch.
Look away, Mofos.
You are a winner Shy!
Heather is a Winner!
<_br /> ._.

he's still on thin ice, MAYBE *glares at him*
in all seriousness you can never know these days, you can find interesting things on someone's phone. On my part, however, you could look up anything you want to on me and you wouldn't find squat.
*High Five Njeri
Really, are you serious, omg, wtf!!!!
Very insightful....I love it. And you sure hit the nail on the head...A+
You get Honors Kendra for trying!
Tal is a winner! Sorry you had to go through that girl, you are a great example of what happens.


Our Mission (Tenative)

***To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women.

***To be tolerant of all views of all members on this site.m (Suffering and disagreements are part of life people.)

***Respect all religious, spiritual, and agnostic views of it's members.

***To be more accepting than exclusive, yet hold the right to remove those that harm others.

*Freedom of speech, thought, and heart are placed if they are based on the foundation of truth and don't injure others (in the defined form of physical, proprietorial, or financial harm). Debate, heated or otherwise are allowed, for it is the persons involved that must deal with the emotional or mental "suffering," if any.

****P.S. Learn how to take a joke, and identify the intent of the people which you are talking to.  You are responsible for yourself, your own responses, reactions, and giving power to yourself and others over you.  Be accountable, don't play victim all the time.  These are still people, some people are up front, others hide behind their profiles.  Don't make personal issues site issues, if you take off your clothes on skype or in real life and bicker about it on Bwamu...guess what, it's a personal issue.  Grow up.

***All that is needed for membership is the support of the movement, and active participation by all!




 If you would like to see certain changes or want to try out to be an admin...write out in bullet text what can be changed, policies, and or site enhancements.  Then write a short essay on what you think the site mission is and how we get there.



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