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You allowed the person you were talking to to see the contents of your cellphone?

You allowed your BF / GF all your emails and passwords to all your site accounts?

If your life was on Cam each and every moment of the day besides the obvious bathroom and private breaks?

;) Thanks Barbie, Ken, Anna, and Merenda for the forwarded texts -giving me the idea for this thread!


(As for me, pretty much all my info about me and my past and views for the future are in the open - either on this site or facebook. [I hide nothing...if it's about me, just ask.]   If it was my passcodes and such are hers as well as mine.  If we ever break up, I know how to change my passwords.  I wouldn't mind a camera following me, but I need a break from it to spend special times with my friends and family - because I would go through with it, doesn't mean they would.  My cellphone is also open, and my number is on my FB and here.  I don't answer stray calls without there being a text first, and I don't control what others say to me.  I control what I say back, and because I can pretty much explain and control what I say, well...hey- that's just me.  My integrity is worth a lot, and if I am wavering, undecided, or have a dilemma, people usually know about this too.  For me it's all about clarity and giving people REAL choices by Providing TRUTH.  What's the point of getting to know each other when you really don't get to know each other - but their representatives.  If I fear how others see me, then by core, I fear what I see in thus, it's a mark for change.)     

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haha i got a
Definitely. Honestly, I don't have anything to hide. Like, my e-mail right now is full of a bunch of school related stuff and internships I've applied for and my text messages are full of jokes about why girls are lame and pictures of one of my friend's latest shopping adventures in Tokyo. I wouldn't want the person I'm dating to hide stuff from me, so you have to kind of....lead by example.
I always keep it real, honest, and true, in any given situation in my mom raised me well. I have to trust and love you in order to give someone passwords to my email, FB, MS,'s not that I hide shit, I have nothing to hide if I'ma be true to someone, but it's just the simple fact of knowing that I trust that person enough to give them access to something that's mine. Let that person make themselves known on my sites, post up little romantic or surprises or something, i don't As far as having a camera in my face all day? I like being on camera, but not every minute of my day, no thanks! I cherish my privacy. But as long as that person knows I have nothing to hide and vice/versa, they will have my trust and love completely.
I have nothing to hide, so yeah. I'm also always able to change passwords so it's not a big deal. I won't be upset if they don't give me theirs but I feel it should be equal, either we both have them or we don't.
Well I have nothing in my phone anyways. But you sure as hell ain't getting my passwords. And if he didn't like what i said, then hey *kick rocks*
2 girls i know for sure know my passwords. I know they look lol, but i trust them. I know enuff there not gonna steal my identity or apply for a credit card. My passwords are complex yet simple and i had them forever so im not gonna change it. And maybe the stupid part is I never ask for there's...Well maybe its all stupid that i dont change it still lol.

If they wanna be nosey i say go for it.
Yeah I would still have a boyfriend if they had full access, I dont have anything to hide from them, but I wouldn't give them all that stuff because I like my privacy and no matter how much you think you know a person they can surprise you and be untrustworthy.
Umm.. If I had a significant other right this very moment and they went through my emails, I think they might get a little jealous if they're the insecure type. Hmmm.. my cell phone, I have nothing to hide there. :D
Yo if I am a closet freak so be it...My last boyfriend play that. Three month of silent because we were into each other.

Then the buzzing and phone call started, he would leave his phone everywhere...and this one and that all female and it was important.
Man please...he was open with it too it was afterwhile disrepectful...and hurting. Then I started playing along on the phone, my computer. he walk in to kiss me and I chatting he almost broke his neck looking. I flip started a tit for tat thing that was out of control...and we really had something or so I thought. My next relationship will be about respect I am serious about that. I am a Queen damn it...and I wear my crown every bleackin day.
lol mi life is an open book.. everyone knows everything about mi and i like it that way! :-) (even though some may not hehe). mi cell phone is accessible always, my emails are open, but not in an "asking for identity theft" kinda way. if my life was on a camera i'd probably just break the camera jajaja
Well honestly I feel if I had friends before you it should not be a problem afterwards the issue is many men think after declaration of being exclusive That also pertains to every male and some women. I do not agree! I must have a glimmer of life outside my relationship and I think its healthy for them to have That too. I would be upset if someone went through my phone or email without my permission. If I was in a relationship I would keep things respectful when talking to other men so I don't think that would be an issue. You must have trust and that is the risk you take being in a relationship.


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