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I have a friend who is usually an ass of sorts.  Let me rephrase, some people say they give zero fucks - my friend truly gives zero fucks the majority of the time.  Anyway, the past couple times he has called it has been at inappropriate times.  First he called while he was on a date - but I can see why, he was trying to show the girl how nice of a guy he is.  Ok fine, whatever.  He called tonight and he was being weird, but then I found out the girl he wants to impress was there.  I kept trying to get off the phone since he was with the chick and he kept talking.  Next thing you know he can't really talk - pretty sure she is giving him either a handy J or a hummer.  Dude why are you on the phone with me while that is going on?  I don't know if it's her that likes that kind of thing of if he is trying to prove a point or whatever. Either way, WTF is that ish?  I wanted to say something to him tonight however since she was there I kept it to myself.  I am going to talk to him tomorrow while he is away from her and tell him it's not cool.  I feel like he will deny they were doing anything sexual .. but it was very obvious on the phone.  Then he will freak out and say I am being weird or something and he will stop talking to me for a while.  So ... do I go straight for the throat and tell him fucking while on the phone with me is not cool or take the softer approach and say while I am happy to see him with a girlfriend, or whatever, please refrain from including me in their sexcapades?  He is trying REALLY hard to be a super nice guy when talking to me which is just so fake, knowing him like I do.  We are like siblings who fight and then the next day it's fine.  He's like my little brother.  We went the relationship route for a hot minute and we are so much better as friends. So is he calling me when with this chick to throw it in my face or is it a weird thing of theirs?  Whaaaaaat the hell?!?!?!?

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I guess you missed the part that says I got off th ed phone with him. Thd post was the best way to approach it to keep the friendship. Reading is fundamental, as is comprehension of what was read. Your post is invalid due to lack of comprehension on your part.

Jesus, is that you?  Only the Lord is all knowing, in order to make a definite response such as that.  Wait no, can't be Jesus because so much of that was wrong.   But then again, only Jesus would have been part of the conversation between the person I was talking about in the post and I when we discussed this situation.  Wait, again, can't be Jesus because there was still so much wrong with the less than eloquent reply.  So, it that leaves it with being someone who thinks they know something they don't and is tactless and is filled with enmity.  I can say thank you to mmm for being even more ridiculous than my friend could ever be and truly showing what disrespectful and giving 'zero fucks' as you like to say is.  Good luck to you mmm with not being a troglodyte as you matriculate through life.    


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