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What are you now too old or too young for as daters in their 30s and up?

Started by Ms. Mclovin. Last reply by Jessica Vivian on Sunday. 6 Replies

Ok so since I'm in my early 30s,  Don't misread me. I definitely know what I want in life and relationships… buuuuuut I'm finding that I'm back in an awkward tween stage of dating and romance. No one…Continue

Ok ok ok

Started by Jessica Vivian. Last reply by Jessica Vivian on Sunday. 21 Replies

This group is a little sleepy so I'm going to start a discussion...look at me go.Anyway, since we're all over 30 up in here, what are some challenges to dating that y'all think are specific to being…Continue

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Comment by Twana D. Henderson on Monday

You’re never too old as long as your mind and heart is still young.  I’m still new at all dating so learning as I go.

Comment by Tasha10 on Sunday no judging all, if you are happy, healthy, loved and giving love thats what counts...Your experience gives us that are still waiting for him or her hope...and that ny dear is awesome...and you having a soild lasting relationship is what matters most....I dont know I still hear them ringing never we all have look forward to sharing with you Q when it happen....
Comment by Q on Sunday

@ tasha no wedding bells for me (though we been together longer than some married couples) I have never really though of my self as the getting married type.. I don't know why but it has never been something I desired or worked towards. My mom and step dad have been together since I was an infant so its not like I don't have a good example of a married couple. hahaha I have issues don't judge me!

Comment by Q on Sunday


I do think that the younger Asian men are more open minded.. the problem is that the maturity gap is often to large to make something of substance out of it. I do think you might want to consider giving a couple of those young bucks a shot, as long as they are not trying to just put another notch in their belt you might just be surprised.

In my case I was able to make it work with a 5 year difference. And your right while I was working in Seattle area i was getting approached by early 20's men (of course I don't look my age so that might be why).

@Everyone I did enjoy the intellectual conversation for a change on this site :) thanks everyone when I saw all the notifications in my email box I was excited to have an "Adult" conversation and this did not disappoint!  Keep your heads up ladies and remember your worth it!

Comment by Q on Sunday

@Tasha I agree and I hope you have a wonderful story of a first meet next time to share!

Comment by Starmanis2Bowie on Sunday
If I could add further speculations, it seems that I do not have difficulty with younger Asian men. As I am 38, I seek someone older. I live in the suburbs of Seattle and this year I have had a lot of interest. If I could find a special someone above 30, it would be awesome.
Comment by Dan Tran on Sunday

Great talk every, hope to have more in the future

Comment by Tasha10 on Sunday
@Thank you Q, that was awesome for you to share your insight, and your experiences..It is great advice we can all take to heart..I know i will..Hopfully the next time we get a chance to chat I can share with you I have met an wonderful Asian Man... excited for you and that you have a wonderful guy.....I think sometimes when we communicate via chat or text things can be misinterpreted... no harm done, most importantly we where able to gain understanding...and in all things thats most important...
Comment by Q on Sunday

BTW I Didn't get the impression that anyone in this group was not "happy with life" in general more so not happy with their dating life which is only 1 part of over all life. I only meant to give suggestions and mention what helped me. Of course the fat that I have lived most of my life in Socal does make it easier for me. But I have met many great Asian guys in North Cal, Az, DC, Tx, HI, OR, Wa etc.. who were all open to the ideal of dating a BW.  Like mentioned they assume that BW are not interested so they in some cases don't have the courage to even try.Some times you have to aggressively go after these guys (like Dan) others you have to work that your open to the ideal in the conversation some how. And sometimes when you do you can also see this light come on in their eyes/ heads. Watch their body language suddenly change.. Learn to read guys and their non verbal reactions and communication that way you know how to proceed.

And remember just because you 2 are not a match doesn't mean that later on down the line you can't find a match. Another thing I noticed is that when an Asian guy see's an AM/BW couple (even if their just friends) their minds open a bit.

Comment by Tasha10 on Sunday
@Q awesome advise Q... point taken, I agree whole heartly..sometimes that dors work..apologizes for the misunderstanding..I try that too except usually the guy likes me, and there is mo acctraction, kinda throws it all funny you made the suggestion, just had this bery convetsation with a friend last guess Thats an you the best Q in everything, and hey of wedding bells rings soon..keep us updated....

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