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If you're an active gym member of any facility, what workout do you do at the gym?

What type are you? (I'm def. 5 & 3, but also 1 but only when I dance in zumba class, lol)

1) The Elitist You don’t think so, but you’re a bit of a gym snob. You think you own a certain spot on the dance floor, a certain machine—and you don’t like when others get in your way. Especially when they can’t keep up. You are a class show off and don’t want anybody underestimating your strength or capabilities. You want instructors, employees—everybody, to watch you work.

2) The One Who Came To Be Seen You came to the gym in a pair of casual sneakers with no kind of support, and you don’t really have a plan—other than to scope the scene for some good-looking members and have them see you. Who says you can’t find love in the club? Fitness club that is.

3) The “I Did Too Much” Member You went out and had drinks or dinner with friends one too many times during the week, and now you’re regretting the way it’s making you feel. You know, as though you put on 10 pounds overnight. So you decide to get your salad, get your life together, and go hard in the gym ASAP.

4) The Weight Room Fanatic You want to take part in competitions, or maybe, you just want to get some more muscle so you can look like a body double for Serena Williams. You’re not afraid to throw yourself into the frenzy of all the guys lifting weights because no worries, you can hold your own (and bench more than most of ‘em).

5) The Member With Set Goals You came with a plan and you do NOT play. You are in the gym for at least 45 minutes but sometimes stick around for more than 90 minutes. You have crop tops and jeans from college to fit in again sooner than later.

6) The “I Just Came So I Don’t Waste Money” Member You come every once in a blue moon. You obtained your membership a long time ago but get billed monthly for services you don’t utilize. But every now and again, you’ll show up to get a little bit of your membership money’s worth, and then it’s back to Netflix and Doritos.

7) The Machine Hog “Oh, I’m going back and forth with this.” That’s the go-to line of the person who likes to act like a certain set of weights or that Stairmaster machine in the corner you would like to get on sometime soon is their personal possession. You watch episode after episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians reruns on the treadmill during busy hours and just don’t know how to share. Rude, much?

8) The Pseudo Trainer You have no real certifications or qualifications to give the unsolicited advice you offer, but alas, there you are, telling people the “right” way to do a squat. The best way to do the steps in that Zumba class (even though they’re in the back with you). The right posture to do a deadlift. And yet, all they really want to say in response is “Thanks, but no thanks.”

9) The Chatty Cathy Your eyes meet with theirs for one second after yoga class and next thing you know, you always have something to say. You want to tell them why a certain move is so hard, why you’re struggling with your combination lock, and just think you’re their go-to gym buddy.

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Same for me. I am definitely, more of a mix of 3&5, especially since I just started going to the gym again.
I try to avoid 3, don't want all my hard work to go to waste all in one night lol 

I don't like to talk at the gym because I need to focus. And I always go alone, for that purpose. So I try to avoid 9, but sometimes it can't be avoided haha

I'm a little bit of 7. I have certain machines I like to frequent, take my time on, and keep in my routine, but I know sharing is caring lol


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