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For many people, the idea of having a "job" and having a "career" are different. A "Job" is what to do to pay the bills whether you like it or not, but a "career" is doing what you love and want to do and may pay isn't as important.

So what about your. Being over 25 have you already gotten into the career you wanted or are you still in job mode? Do you know what you want your career to be?

As for me, I love my job, but I do think of it as a job (I work at a non-profit). I want my career to be in graphic design, and I'm making moves to reach that goal.

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I was in the social services field working with the mentally ill and it was a career, but I'm doing a career change. I was moving up the ladder in administration, but grew tired of a lot of policies and procedures that prevented me from helping the people I went into this field to help in the first place. I'm in grad school now for my MS Ed in Higher Education and want to transfer my Counseling skills to college students.
MY job is a substitute teacher. I'm preparing to be a permanent teacher by taking classes. For me, I guess someone can say that I'm in between.
Yes and no...I been working in my field for 10 yrs, but I do have a desire to be a professional MUA.
I have degrees in Engineering, IT and Massage Therapy.
The first two weren't "it" for me because working for an employer was not satisfying. Not that I not enjoy working hard, it's just that I felt that I can do much more than just earn a living and then pay the bills.

So one day I just hit a wall. I was thinking of a skill or talent I excel in and using that as a basis for me to build up a serious career.
Ever since I was little, I gave my family massages. In Javanese culture as well in all south east asian cultures, massage is seen as a means to heal someone. And that requires talent.

Now I'm a therapist and loving each day 'working'. There are many opportunities in the field and the coming years I'll be traveling a lot, giving therapy and teaching. In the matter of teaching, we are never too old to learn and never too old to start anew.

So folks, please be grateful of what you have and of what you can achieve. In the meantime, just grow.

I am impressed by the interesting mix of your interest/career. How do you keep from getting drained of energy? Do you meditate b4 giving the massage? 

Thanks :)

You just have to know your limits as a therapist. And most of all take care of yourself.

I'm not a meditation expert but it comes natural to me during the massage. So it's a dynamic meditation.

It's all about intention.

I have a damn job but I don't know what I want my career to be.
I'm currently a cna and I'm going back to school to be either a preschool teacher or a elementary school teacher or anything in the medical field. Imight go back to wanting tobe a RN. I have to wait ill I move to get back in to classes.
I'm in my career, and I love it. Without putting a long ptretensious title i work in web communications and I love it. It requires me putting on a lot of different hats, but I get to travel. I love what I do, but it does require a constant need to be in school and learnng new things. My only complaint is that it doesn't leave a lot of time for side projects, but I guess keeping at them is what makes them hobies.

The funny thing is, I have a BA in English, but has worked in Healthcare for 10 im going back for second degree. This time in Health Care. I thought ive just been working a job, but i guess it was really my career.

I love my job it's turning into the career field I want to be in. I am just trying to see which part of this job I want to make into a career. See I work in the health field and as you know there are a lot of different things that you could do in this field. So I am trying out a few before I start making it my career of choice.


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