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Im new to the whole skype thing, its cool for long distance relationships, or just having a chat. But i have come to find out sadly most ppl just want skype sex wth, happend to having a nice convo?  *smh*  So im wondering if skype i replacing good old fashion conversations and getting to know someone. 

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Its like any other messenger. Its fun until you reach that one or two people who take the fun out of it.  I thin as long as you put your boundaries out there in the beginning it'll stay cool.
Skype helped me hook up with 3 girls (on the other side of the globe). It used to be more fun where you can search and add random people.
Never used skype....used other webcam and it depend on the person. Some can just talk and others have nothing to talk about other than sex. Show me this and show that. Then wonder why the webcm goes

Yes I would have to say that good old fashion anything is being replace by something new. There's not a lot a people that care about the old days and how we use to communicate with each other. Now everything is done over the internet through someone social media website. Let me ask you when was the last time you or someone took the time to hand write a letter (that was not locked up). Me I haven't hand written a letter for ages. So yes the new way to get to know people video chatting. But first some ground rules have to be established like:

1. Let's Skype to I can make sure your not a catfish

2. Let me see if your body excites me

3. Let me see your cum face

4. Let's meet so you can do all things things in person.

Hahahahahahahahahaha sooooo there you go. This is the new way to get to know someone. Is this something that you are ready for?

Well, you should know by now that a lot of people are using social medias for the wrong reasons. I'm sure a lot of people here have good intentions but beware the desperate ones. Just set your standards and you'll be fine, haha.


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