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Hi y'all, I'm new here as well you know, but I need your opinion on this. Due to my experience with Asian men, very few I'm afraid, I noticed most stick with another Asian race but come to you like you're the second ho in his pocket. Has anyone experience this before? Im asking all my ladies and men up in here. Let me tell you how this happened, in my school, I'm quite popular. I'm nice, mysterious ,smart and cool. I like Asian men not only because they're handsome, but Ive noticed most treated girls nice and are talented and unique. One of my Asian guy friends, normally hangs out with my group of friends, started asking me for favors. Sexual favors. He's cute, kinda look like Jet Li (younger version, identical) and same age. Not a week before he had a threesome with my other two friends and now comes to me for sex. Don't get me wrong, I played with him but I've never gotten off my clothes or had sex with him, so his frustrations as a horny man was huge. Now the year is almost over, that same guy hit me up on fb, he disappeared awhile back so I'M surprised that he's still living, just to find out he wanted sex and missed me. I'm thinking that he's dating someone secretly, but looking at me as rebound. Of course, I felt insulted cuz now he thinks I can easily hop in his bed without a second thought just for the next day, barely any words? "Do I look easy to you? Does my forhead screams ho? Hell no!" What I noticed is that some guys often take breaks from the kind of girls, just to have sex with BW as rebound or enjoyment. Why is it that some men look at us a pornographic figures, and not as women who wanted to be treated right? Please send a comment below, I will love to hear your answers, opinions, experiences, etc. It's that frustrating to me. Lol

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Thank you so much! =) you understand right? That's cuz we black, doesn't mean we are hos, bitches, etc. I will punch him lol
All women should be respected...some men do feel that too.. but like myself some of us have over active high sex drives
Thank god it wasnt serious or else i really get hurt. Thanks jessika :3

Black women should remember we are Black Royalty. Every person on the planet can be linked to a Black woman existing about 200, 000 years ago (Black Genesis). Therefore we are the mother of civilization, race is a facade because we all come from the same. Black women often value perceived non black men at the expense of their own value. Trying so hard to please instead of standing firm on your standards. Many men learn how much of a woman you are sadly by trying to treat you like a hoe. Don't be that girl. If women closed their legs we would rule the world. Most men wont admit but no matter what color they are, everything they do is for the PUSSY. The clothes he wears, the car he drives, the way he grooms his looks ect. People can only do to you what we allow. People will try to hurt you, lie to you, exploit you, rob you, and strip you of your dignity, but only if you allow it. I want more Black women to remember who we are and why you should value yourself first and accept nothing less. They will tell us are hair is too nappy you should wear a weave, your skin is to dark bleach that ish, you bootylicious attributes are too much loose weight, your attitude is bad so we wont date you. Well Im going to say this....your design is devine created by a power second to none so be proud of that. Black is so beautiful that it makes people so uncomfortable. Mortal man from any "race" can not validate your worth you must know God has already done this by simply creating you. Be well my fellow Black Sistahs.

*Applauds you greatly* preach, sistah! =D we are confident, god fearing beautiful women who wants to be treated right

Do you support human rights of Jarawa people?

I've read your post and I only saw one thing wrong with it, and that was you only asked if it was just Asian guys lol. Honestly, that is the relationship culture that is present today. Most guys will have one girl they look like as there serious relationship and that leaves the rest as quick pieces of ass that they can call on when they need a quick relief. Now I'm not saying this is all left on the shoulders of men because we women are also to blame for making this acceptable. There is nothing wrong with having multiple partners, but if you are allowing those partners to treat you like shit then they take that into the rest of their relationships and think its acceptable. As for whether or not all black women are seen as sexual figures due to the way we are portrayed in certain ways that depends on the male perspective. Hope you got my perspective lol. :)

i agree

If you say to a guy, well I have a man or i'm dating/ talking to someone his response is typically along the line of well I have a wife or i'm seeing/ dating someone too- meaning we both understand each other's circumstances and not trying to change each other's situation. Now if a man comes on to you and you say look, i'm dating/ talking to someone and that's where my focus is right now and i'm not trying to mess that up then he will understand that you not looking to sleep around. However, that doesn't mean you might not have to remind him that you don't fuck around. At the end of the day men are simplistic in the reasoning. If you said straight from the beginning before any real interactions, maybe other than a kiss, that you don't mess around and you show him that persistently; he'll have no other choice but to treat you the way you're used to or how you want to be treated if he wants to get the nooky or he'll back off after many attempts.....   


I think all women and men alike must understand that you get what you throw out there! Honestly you shouldn't have played around with him, going all the way or not, if you don't want or expect him to do the same; especially in light of the fact that you knew he slept with your friends, plural, prior to "playing" with him. As soon as any man starts asking for sexual favors, you either shut it down immediately and let him know that's not what you want or not what you want from him. Or you pull him aside and talk about this being just a fling or you want this to be more than just the physical. But if you play around with a guy who makes it apparent that he just wants something physical, since that was the nature of his relationship with your two friends, then to a certain extent you should have known what you were getting into since you didn't sit him down and discuss things before playing with him. Now, do I believe he should have treated you that way, not at all, but in that situation could he have easily think that's also what you wanted, yes. Again, if you want a man to earn you before things go further, you must let him know that upfront....

One race hmmm ... hardly life shows a one colour flower arrangement that really looks really awesome... so even nature tells us to recognise that diversity is the case of women.. hot. sexy.. pretty.. beautiful..and so much more


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