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Hi y'all, I'm new here as well you know, but I need your opinion on this. Due to my experience with Asian men, very few I'm afraid, I noticed most stick with another Asian race but come to you like you're the second ho in his pocket. Has anyone experience this before? Im asking all my ladies and men up in here. Let me tell you how this happened, in my school, I'm quite popular. I'm nice, mysterious ,smart and cool. I like Asian men not only because they're handsome, but Ive noticed most treated girls nice and are talented and unique. One of my Asian guy friends, normally hangs out with my group of friends, started asking me for favors. Sexual favors. He's cute, kinda look like Jet Li (younger version, identical) and same age. Not a week before he had a threesome with my other two friends and now comes to me for sex. Don't get me wrong, I played with him but I've never gotten off my clothes or had sex with him, so his frustrations as a horny man was huge. Now the year is almost over, that same guy hit me up on fb, he disappeared awhile back so I'M surprised that he's still living, just to find out he wanted sex and missed me. I'm thinking that he's dating someone secretly, but looking at me as rebound. Of course, I felt insulted cuz now he thinks I can easily hop in his bed without a second thought just for the next day, barely any words? "Do I look easy to you? Does my forhead screams ho? Hell no!" What I noticed is that some guys often take breaks from the kind of girls, just to have sex with BW as rebound or enjoyment. Why is it that some men look at us a pornographic figures, and not as women who wanted to be treated right? Please send a comment below, I will love to hear your answers, opinions, experiences, etc. It's that frustrating to me. Lol

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omg I totally feel you girl.

While I was in Hong Kong last spring, I had Asian men throwing themselves at me like I was some sort of famous pornstar. I had mad dudes calling me "chocolate princess" or "mocha" this and that and it got really annoying after a while.. Like i was being used as some sort of weird fetish or experience. I don't understand why we are seen as these like sexual goddesses that we created to satisfy these weird fetishes and fantasies and not real women, with real feelings and beating hearts that want to be treated right and loved? 

It just really bothers me. And it hasn't only been asian men doing this to me, I usually get this bullshit from white guys. 


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