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Now there hasn't been numerous discussions about how Asian penis is not any smaller than normal. 

That got me curious how large can an Asian penis be?

I have heard them being mostly average (around 5 inches i would say) to slight below/above average. But I have yet to seen or heard any Asians "hung like a horse" like you would see on any porn film with black guys in it... (I would say anything bigger than 8 inches) I was wondering if that was possible?

So if you ladies have seen one of those or you fellas have those giant ding dong, please leave a comment Thank you!

P.S. This isn't to say bigger the better. I myself am not hung like a horse (6.5 inches) yet perfectly capable of having my partner reach orgasm. I was just wondering if it was possible for an Asian to have such a large penis like other race.

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Regarding the medical study on the human penis size, I did not study that in school so I can't be of much help to meet your request.

For me, I don't really care. I need to be able to feel something down there so you cannot be too small.

I've been with men that are absolutely blessed down there but don't know how to "properly use it" if you get what I am saying. 

I know it may sound corny, but sometimes the size of the boat isn't as important as the motion of the ocean. If you can't stroke right, then what is the point of even having a big dick? 

How much you can cream? This isn't a porn video...But plz tell me how ejaculation is gonna save the day?
Smh lol
lol this group is funny and the g-spot is 2 inches inside the vagina. if any man is less than that i feel sorry for you. as far as hung like a horse ummm its possible af.


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