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I've had a few instances where someone will send me a message and it says something like "I've met you before" but there is no picture on their profile so I have no idea who it is ... messages on Skype from random people (I found out you can Google Skype Contacts and find our little group here so BEWARE) and a few randoms on Instagram.  I have to say the Skype randoms are the most creepy ... a random guy will VIDEO CALL ME out of the blue.  I have accepted to see who it is, maybe someone changed their Skype name but it's always been someone I don't recognize.  Does that happen to any of the other ladies on here?  Guys do random girls up and try to video call you?  I feel weird enough sending a friend request to someone I have hardly spoken to if at all on this site.  Speaking of, how do you all feel about people you have never spoken to sending you friend requests??  Just curious.   

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Comment by Brookie on August 30, 2016 at 1:09am
well i can tell you when i put i my skype mame on here, i had tons of random requests. I'm not sure if it was from people on here or what. but long story short, had it deleted because trolls on my facebook contacting my friends. I hadn't used it really, but was like whatever. yeh i honest don't really like skype. very scary you can randomly find people on there. i removed my skype name from the group.
Comment by Latty_Laterria on August 29, 2016 at 9:07pm

i get that to. i got random video chats from guys. and i just wanted to know if i knew the person. one mistake was the guy was half dressed, and talking he was gonna start touching himself. that's why i never use Skype to often. unless its to talk to my family members who are away. 

i am just a little hesistant on sending out friend requests anymore. i mean unless we've spoken i mean i don't.

Comment by Kouhai on August 17, 2016 at 8:39pm

I joined the skype group, but I didn't put down my skype name just because I'm afraid of random messages from people I have never talked to before. I prefer to know someone before I give them my skype. 

I actually don't get a lot of friend requests, I think its because I'm from Canada (since its so far away from everyone on this site), but when I do, I would refuse friend requests if there is no message. 

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