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The problem with faith is that having it disallows those that are faithful to question what they believe, and perpetuates itself by questioning only the beliefs outside of it. The only way to have an open mind is to understand that we might have been taught to have a closed one.


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Comment by Fatima on December 2, 2015 at 11:11pm
I my opinion faith is not a problem. Not having enough faith can be a problem. Are there rules of engagement ? Yes . That leans more to religion than faith. But we need rules. Society has them. No matter how hot the day, I can not get in my car , drive to Kroger and grocery shop naked. It's just not allowed. We need some rules to control our most primative desires . Order must be kept. I have faith in my relationship with God. But I need to question it. Probe and test it. I need others to challenge it to see if I can withstand the test. The ultimate faith is in myself. That I can trust God enough to protect me outside of a room full of people who look like me, think like me, listen to Fred Hammond like me. I have enough faith to believe God made me equal to every, any and all mankind. I can look them all, kings and servants in the eye and offer them a stick of gum. My Dayam gum is as good as anybody else's :). I read and study , question and ponder and am always amazed . I do not believe everything that is preached . It is coming thru a human with experiences, a willful nature, and biases just like me. But I can take what is said, study for myself and act on my truth. 9 out of 10 my truth looks a lot like one thing I have studied. The Bible is living to me. Something I read or heard weeks or months ago can become relevant in a instant. I call them a God wink moment- like , see I told you kid . It's not always a feel good moment either. My clothes, jewelry, beliefs about same sex love , or women's role in the church do not apply to my everyday relationship with God. I feel like it's a parent- child thing most of the time. You teach your kids , give them examples of what will happen if they go left or right of what you teach. The kid his the will to use that knowledge while the parent sits back and watches. Loving on the kid for doing well , not giving up on them if they make mistakes and recognize the need to do better, but getting in that azz if they step too far out of line. So, do I have enough faith to pack up and head to Syria and put a stop to that crap singleheadedly... Nope. I am not Moses nor am I bulletproof. I do have enough faith to welcome the displaced families into my state and offer to help because they are my family. My brothers and sisters. Some may not be at the same level. I can only speak for my level of faith. It is not a glass box. It is a foundation. A homebase . A giant mirror at times . No faith at all must feel like floating in outer space. How do you find direction, figure up from down. Find light ? No faith at all - the air must be thin...

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