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(To partially Answer and Address What was asked in Bwamu Chat today...What is a Quality Woman to You V?)
This is She...
Loyal and Faithful: She is dedicated to her inner direction, and confident of her choices and choice in partner. Every mistake she has made, lesson learned, has guided her to Me who she will grow and face the rest of her days with. She knows the difference through maturing to favor Love instead of infactuated lust of her youth. It is clear to her which one is more valuable, which should be obvious.
Strong and Selfless: She understands that it takes a family and village to develop a functioning, sufficient, and supportive human being to be part of society. She doesn't see child or children as burden(s) because she understands that she made a choice to manifest that being to life. And to which that life is not always a gift, and matter of factually life has mostly suffering, grief, hardships with only casual amounts of happiness. Her strength is based upon how much she must sacrifice and endure to take care of her family and home. In this case it is about survival into a progress toward thriving. She knows what it is to be Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Mother, Wife, etc.
Intelligent and Independent Minded: She is of sound mind and critical thought. Her truth does not submit to her need to sooth her relationships or societal assumptions of what is thought to be correct or popular. She promptly lives in reality and honorably addresses it. She can admit to her faults and makes effort to correct herself and others she is involved and loves. She outwits and grows to her own understanding independent of media, schooling, and her limited experience...she can entertain ideas and possibilities without being overly involved in them.
Respectful and Self-Respecting: This woman is loyal in private and public in which all is one. She is dedicated. She takes responsibility for all her decisions. She has nothing to hide because she has addressed her issues. She is accountable for all the inner and possible outer consequences and can clearly see them. She doesn't sweep mistakes under the rug, but learns from them. She doesn't repeat the same mistakes with different situation(ships) and people. She moves forward because she is honest with her experience, strength, and hope.
She is...A Quality Woman...A Woman of Character...One to be Honored and Respected. If you don't have this content, then you aren't a full fledged quality woman to me...but you might be to most guys. This Quality Woman I am speaking of above...recognizes Me...She has been searching for Me all of her life. This is She...She is Love.
Too Bad She doesn't exist, or maybe I haven't run into her or know her...or She hasn't come to know Herself.

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Comment by Kiki on January 25, 2016 at 12:06am

@Kai Genya Preach!! (=

Comment by Kai Genya on January 24, 2016 at 10:54pm

Wow! This woman you're looking for is of Proverb 31:10-31 from The Bible (NIV). It's called "The Wife of Noble Character". Now that the King knows what he he, himself, ready for this Queen to come? 

Comment by StephC on December 26, 2015 at 5:15pm

This shit is deep and real. Every man want this type of woman, but when we find her we pass by them because they lack something we seek. As men, we need to open our eyes before it's too late.

Comment by Rahel on December 26, 2015 at 5:00pm

That is really deep and so true. A lot of women nowadays lack these characteristics (characteristics that I consider basic) and they wonder why others look down on them. Based off of your blog I feel that I have all of these qualities and that I hope someone will come along and recognize that.

Comment by ShirtlessShane on December 26, 2015 at 3:42pm
This is what I am talking about..but man don't give up, she's out there. I had one and lost her, but now we are good friends. Don't get me wrong, the regret is in my mind, but it's a lesson learn for me.

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